USC Morning Buzz: Just How Bad Is Lynn Swann? We Have An Answer

Hey, look, we might think Lynn Swann is the worst athletic director in USC history but do we have proof?

When I said yesterday that USC is on the verge of losing records in football, basketball and baseball, a reader told me it had never happened before. So let’s check:

The first year USC started playing football, basketball and baseball in the same season was 1907.

So has USC ever had losing records in football, basketball and baseball in the same season between 1907-2019?

The answer is yes. In 1915, all three teams had losing records. But here is the good part. That is only time in the past 112 years that it happened.

Think about that for a minute. In 112 years, USC has had its Big 3 sports teams all register losing records in a single season only once.

Now Andy Enfield can still prevent it from happening this year by either winning two games at the Pac-12 Tournament or getting to the NIT and winning some games. The basketball team is currently 15-16.

Baseball seems pretty hopeless at the moment and the schedule is only going to get tougher. USC baseball (5-9) hasn’t even played a true road game yet and started off with 13 home games.

But if it happens, we have statistical proof to say Lynn Swann is the worst AD in USC history.

At the very least, Swann should be completely embarrassed by this possibility. He shows so little humility, however, he probably doesn’t care because he gets to go to the Masters next month.

26 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Just How Bad Is Lynn Swann? We Have An Answer

  1. Didn’t St. Pat hire the three loser head coaches? Swann’s may not have the authority to fire said big three HC’s.

    What a great job, Swann has the AD title and perks, the paycheck, but zero Clown U responsibility for overall athletic program accountibility. What a racket!

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  2. If swann cares,it does not show in anything he does or says,he just covers up for inept coaches,mostly football. I guess he doesn’t really know anything about managing,therefore managers either.
    I do know basketball could have had a better season the last 2 years if the admin had not punished players for no reason based on facts and/or evid,and the amount of injuries to potential starters,plus some turning pro early, and then failing at that; another year would have been beneficial to them and the team.

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    1. Tim —There IS a way Swann could show he cared. Richard Nixon invented it several decades ago. All he has to do is down 2 or 3 stiff drinks and, then, immediately call a presser in which he says, “Gentleman, you won’t have Swann to kick around anymore —this is my last press conference.” Then angrily walk out the door and out of or lives.

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      1. …or LBJ’s virtual resignation that set the stage for the Trixter…
        Hell, even Yeltsin eventually grew so embarrassed that he stepped down…

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      2. …among other things…! But he left before he was removed, so…another data point in the attempt to measure the precise dimensions of the unfolding disaster…

        Rome is burning,
        Let them eat cake,
        BOT never learning,
        But the cash they rake…

        or if you prefer

        Rome it is burning
        Peasant fans go eat more cake
        Under smiling Wolf

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  3. Retaining the baseball coach is strictly economics — he’s gone by June. Enfield has time left on his contract it is Swann’s insane decision to extend Helton that makes his leadership the mess it is. What athletic director at any top tier program, with a chance to rid your school with a coach as truly inept as Helton is, would choose to contractually extend him?

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  4. Two out of three sports programs probably have had losing records for a number of years but football has carried them. In fact USC basketball is part of the reason I rarely get excited for basketball. (The Lakers don’t help)

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  5. Top baseball coaches make a million plus a year, Hubbs gets 300 K.
    SC gets a women’s tennis coach from a D3 school Williams College, a women’s VB coach from the U of Portland, loses the women’s golf coach and promotes her asst to head coach, the men’s VB coach hadn’t coached a college team.

    i don’t want Swann making the call on a new coach for any of the big 3 sports.

    Aside from water polo and track, what is SC good at these days ?

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    1. SO FAR, no evidence or charges filed against the university —but is this really the time for Wanda Austin to be captain of the ship?

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      1. Nah, I like Reggie. There have been many many college athletes and their families that have been paid. To me, cheating in sport constitutes creating an unfair advantage on the field of play, i.e. taking PED’s. Reggie never got busted for PED’s. That said, I’m not naive, I know a lot of college athletes take PED’s and should be sanctioned for taking them if caught, but what the NCAA did to Reggie and USC having labeled them cheaters…was not right.

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