One More Scandal As USC Athletic Dept. Involved In College Scandal

Get ready for the latest USC scandal.

The athletic dept. is at the center of the college admissions bribery scandal as senior associate athletic Donna Heinel reportedly received more than $1.3 million in bribe payments to fabricate athletic credentials for prospective students.

Heinel, men’s and women’s water polo coach Jovan Vavic and former women’s soccer coach Ali Khosroshahin have been indicted.

Heinel was in charge of admissions for the athletic dept. and wielded a lot of power because she was the go-to person whenever there was a special case.

Here is the statement from USC president Wanda Austin:

“The federal government has alleged that USC is a victim in a scheme perpetrated against the university by a long-time athletics department employee, one current coach and three former coaching staff, who were allegedly involved in a college admissions scheme and have been charged by the government on multiple charges.

“At this time, we have no reason to believe that Admissions employees or senior administrators were aware of the scheme or took part in any wrongdoing—and we believe the government concurs in that assessment.”

USC is a victim?!?!

One more investigation and scandal!

Here’s the story.


49 thoughts on “One More Scandal As USC Athletic Dept. Involved In College Scandal

      1. I’m starting to feel some sympathy for Wanda —-she inherited one major mess of a university. But —let’s face it —we need a full timer to come in and put the fear of God into coaches and administrators —-not somebody telling us twice a year that USC is “a victim again”……

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      2. MG, yes, definitely need a permanent president – but with the latest news, what are the chances of hiring a really high quality person?

        Whoever takes on this job either really wants to live in LA, or really is looking to take on a huge project and make a name for themselves.

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    1. tebow —The favorite defense of top administrators enmeshed in corruption scandals is always “I did all I could to prevent this sort of thing —but it happened in spite of my vigilance & best efforts.” [And that, my friend, is the one defense that is manifestly not available to Swann]……

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    2. I wonder if Scott appreciates HOW prescient his last headline turned out to be—“Just How Bad Is Lynn Swann?”…..

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  1. Wanda Austin has two qualified candidates Northwestern’s Morton O. Schapiro and Northeastern’s Joseph E. Aoun that USC should offer the position to and that needs to happen soon.

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    1. Did the usually astute tebow mention Austin (and, by implication, the Board) and “happen soon” in the same sentence?

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      1. You’re only saying that because it hasn’t looked that way so far……


    1. And Max Nikias wanted to De-Emphasize Trojan football because he felt the program gave the university a black eye with regards to it’s reputation…LOL!

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  2. Coach Helton(I love Coach Helton) should point out to recruits that the real value of a full ride is $250,000+. ($500,000/2). Plus young cutie pies. Excellent recruiting leverage.

    Don’t expect the MULE to weigh in on this one. Fucla is a ‘victim’ also.

    I wonder what Stanfurd charged to be a ‘victim’?


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      1. Lori Laughlin paid $500k for her daughters admittance to USC…she must have been a Darwin Award recipient right out of high school.

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      2. Why is C. L. Max “Nicky Squid” Nikias still ensconced in the Clown U, San Marino, President’s mansion?

        A better question Mike, how has “Nicky Squid,” the doyenne of SUCCX scandals, remained employed by bozo u?

        “Nicky Squid” belongs in the Trump Cabinet.


  3. I’ve said it all along, Max Nikias is still calling the shots at USC. Nikias has way too many loose ends and cover-ups to deal with before he allows the university to hand over the reins to someone he might not be totally sure won’t throw him under the bus regarding any ongoing or past scandals that haven’t been uncovered yet.

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    1. It looks like a certain someone has gained access to Max’s credit card information —-17 paper shredders, monthly $50,000 payments to three separate agencies experienced in “paramilitary” operations, and hundreds of thousands a year to “escorts” for “services rendered” to “special friends” in press…

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  4. The longer Lynn Swann sits idly by doing nothing as A.D. while watching these scandals unfold in the dept. he heads up the more he becomes an accomplice to the crimes that are taking place around him.

    Keep biting the bullet for those you’re doing the bidding for Swann…you will have to answer for having been complicit in aiding & abetting in these scandalous affairs.

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      1. If only sponsors of USC would start boycotting the university…then we might have something to look forward to.


  5. USC has become a shit show, dumpster fire and complete clusterfuck all rolled into one under the direction of Max Nikias…all of this crap evolved on his watch and USC still allows him to hang around the university.


    1. So true. His only concern as president was fund raising. And he did a lot of that, too bad all of it is going to have to be used in settlements for the disasters he created and let unfold

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  6. Not Just USC scandal….and all of this for non-revenue sports, including the following:

    Stanford sailing coach John Vandemoer

    Former Yale women’s soccer coach, Rudy Meredith

    Former Georgetown tennis coach Gordie Ernst

    Current UCLA men’s soccer coach Jorge Salcedo

    Current Texas men’s tennis coach Michael Center

    Current Wake Forest women’s volleyball coach William Ferguson

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    1. Good point 67 —- (But, at the same time, this makes it clear this isn’t a politically motivated hit on USC —the problems here look legit. I wonder if Swann will actually surface long enough to address any of this stuff. If he doesn’t, it will really demonstrate once and forever what a superficiality he is within the university structure).

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      1. Thumbs up, Michael. SC athletics (and admissions) needs a total housecleaning. Sad day for all college sports fans, as this goes far and wide.

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    2. Just to be clear 67, those Univ. you’ve listed are each mired in ONE (1) pending scandal.

      On the other hand 67, Clown U, according to MG, is mired in SEVEN (7) pending scandals.


  7. I am really PISSED off that my school is AGAIN in National news with of course, more SCANDAL. When is this shit going to stop ? Wanda Austin is fucking worthless, Lynn Swann needs to immediately resign before he gets indicted AND ARRESTED on campus. MAX NIKIAS needs to be hauled off to jail. And, all those Board of Trustee members who supported PAT HADEN, MAX NIKIAS, and LYNN SWANN need to submit resignations YESTERDAY. Jesus Christ I’m pissed off. This Athletic Department has brought nothing but shame to USC since NIKIAS and HADEN arrived on the scene and took control. SCANDAL after SCANDAL. My degree is worthless and is shit now. Southern Methodist University got the DEATH PENALTY from the NCAA for all the crap it did. This is nothing compared to the level of BRIBERY and criminal behavior at USC right now. Medical School Dean criminal drug conduct, Health Center doctor sexual assaults on females, Health Center sexual assault on men, Business School Dean controversy. How much more can we take ? I’m so embarrassed I’m taking the USC Alumni License plate frame off my car. For the sake of the university, I am BEGGING the NCAA to impose the DEATH PENALTY on USC Athletics and STOP this disaster.

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    1. How the F are the latest crimes the fault of Austin’s leadership?
      Or are you just a reactionist clown favoring scorched earth solutions?
      Your degree is worthless because you failed to work in your classes.
      Look in the mirror, not at the headlines.


    1. Blind Ignorance is bliss huh 86.

      bozo u, Stanford and UCLA men’s BB have not been invited to the NCAA BB Tournament, nor will they.

      But 86, there is a Pac – 12 tournament starting Wed. in Las Vegas.

      Good luck to the Conf. bottom feeder – the 2 – 16 cal bears.


  8. i spent the day reviewing the records, and it appears that in 1984, a kid named Scott Wolf was admitted to SC as a member of the Men’s Bodybuilding Team….based on the wolman’s powerful physique, this makes sense, however, the question must be asked: WAS there a men’s bodybuilding team at SC in the 80’s, or EVER??

    wolfman, perhaps a statement on the record could clear up this controversy, BEFORE the Feds are involved.



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