Some Quick Thoughts On USC Scandal

How many internal investigations does USC have going right now? I’ve lost count.

I can’t tell you how many USC coaches are amused over today’s news. Donna Heinel was not a popular figure within the athletic dept.

A USC administrator tells me Jovan Vavic makes somewhere in the neighborhood $300,000-400,000 per year. So he could make a pretty good living without taking bribes.

Wake Forest women’s volleyball coach Bill Ferguson, who used to be the USC men’s volleyball coach, was also indicted. Wake Forest placed Ferguson on administrative leave. USC has not done anything with Vavic yet.

Did someone pull Lynn Swann off the golf course?

Things are so wild that there was a rumor today a coach got arrested at the swimming pool.


18 thoughts on “Some Quick Thoughts On USC Scandal

  1. …as tickled as a pig in…
    But whose the pig?
    Is there any chance that this is really just George Lucas making a Jar-Jar Binks (as USC potentate) feature film?

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  2. “Did someone pull Lynn Swann off the golf course?”

    And therein lies Lynn Swann’s strategy for avoiding prosecution…

    “I had no clue of what was happening at USC and within it’s athletic dept. because I was always away from campus playing golf, there’s video proof of that”

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    1. I realize you’re being facetious, tebow —-but that’s not really a defense. Intentionally insulating oneself from one’s responsibilities doesn’t cut it.
      You know, I always wondered how Helton, Haden, Swann, etc. happened.
      Now, it’s becoming clear: For the last decade or so, USC has been looking for people like that. Helton or Swann are historical accidents. But the TYPE is no accident.

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      1. Yes (see, e.g., Fillmore, Pierce, and Buchanan, as U.S. presidents in the 1850s)

        So you’re saying the Steve Martin defense (“I forgot armed robbery was illegal…”) from “Comedy Isn’t Pretty” won’t work?

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      2. Ha! And “I forgot I was in charge” won’t work either……


      3. Yeah…from what I’ve read, we shouldn’t be looking for Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Roosevelt, any time soon, since it appears that the vast amount of concentrated talent in SoCal intersecting with the accidental hiring of a Jones or McKay or Carroll is more historical accident…but for crying out loud…can’t we have a power projecting Leonid mixed in now to offset our run of Yuri, Konstantin, and Mikhail?

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      4. James —You know what’s really funny? I bet you on Friday Scott was thinking, “Crap. Semester break! What am I going to use to generate controversy for a whole week?!”
        I love Wanda’s defense —“Not to worry! It’s not USC —it’s only the people working for USC!”

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      5. As always “You got that right…sure…got that right” Wolfie benefiting from our own version of the ‘Old Travelling Jones’ once again…thinking of the Jar-Jar Binks theory…some though he might pop up as the new arch villain in the Disney version of SW (hmm…and those initials accidentally just typed)…perhaps Wolfie is really the Randall Flagg-like Chair of the BOT?

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      6. P.P.S.
        Wanda Austin: “I want to assure all USC friends & alums that the statue of Tommy Trojan was not aware of or involved in these illegal activities in any way, shape or form….. this illicit conduct was thankfully restricted to high ranking employees only”

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      7. Counselor Guarino,

        Question: Will Pat Haden be looked at with the problem at USC? Can he go to jail with the scandal that probably happened under his watch? Can Swann go to jail as well?

        Thank you.

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    1. Didn’t the illustrious la Presidentè state that SC was a VICTIM?
      Translated: SC didn’t benefit or receive compensation.
      You mean to tell me they did this for FREE?
      Ah, come on.


      1. CAL75,
        I can understand your point of view. But my thinking is, the AD Heinel had final say on who was receiving the scholi, then SC and Haden/Swann were trusting her and did not have work verified and scruntized. LIke Wolf says, she had her own fiefdom or mafia with no one asking questions.


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