Some Strange Athletes Got Accepted At USC

These are some of the more comical aspects of the USC admissions scandal:

  • There was a 145-pound long snapper.
  • There was a 5-foot-5 men’s basketball player who was listed as 6-1.
  • There was the kicker whose high school did not have a football team.

Maybe now we know why USC has struggled so much in football and basketball this season.

38 thoughts on “Some Strange Athletes Got Accepted At USC

  1. too much ‘weird’ stuff all over Calif…which is why after 61 yrs we got out, and have enjoyed the last 15 yrs of some normalcy, but I am confident the weird will take over here too, just like it has in many states.

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    1. Weird is currently in vogue everywhere. “Keep Portland Weird” is proudly sloganized by our friends in Oregon. Of course weird generally denotes liberal/progressive values and ethics which are currently the rage like such intellectual giants like AOC on Pocahontas.
      Maybe Bernie has it right. “This wouldn’t have happened if we had free college tuition where all colleges would be the same.”

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    1. 67 —Time to look at the bright side! At least now USC’s fine for deflating footballs during the Oregon game in 2012 doesn’t look so bad.

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      1. Ha! Nice!!

        How does this s**t show end? What is the best possible outcome? Get lucky to find a quality president who cleans house? But how does he get rid of the loser BOT?

        In any case, I think that Nikias needs to resign his professorship from the university.

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  2. Pat Haden hired an Errand Boy to be the head football coach at USC

    Lynn Swann gave the Errand Boy a contract extension.

    Errand Boy might be on USC’s short list to become it’s next president.

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      1. Reminiscent of the classic BBC adaptation of Robert Graves “I Claudius” – Livia (wife of Augustus, mother of Tiberius, grandmother of Claudius, great-grandmother of Caligula) tells Claudius that Tiberius will name Caligula as his successor so that he will be followed by someone so awful that he will be remembered more fondly…Tiberius is later shown embracing Caligula in a moment of dark, euphoric humor, saying “I will nurse you like a viper…”

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      2. The noble Incitatus! Yes… How awful are things when it is so obvious to overlay USC over the top of “I Claudius” and “LA Confidential” and there is no apparent blurring?

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      3. How would you characterize Clay Helton? A cross between Gomer Pyle and the character played by Paul Newman in the movie “The Secret War of Harry Frigg”?


  3. Please, every USC graduate, listen and help get this University on the right track. This Athletic Department under the direction of Mike Garrett, Pat Haden, Lynn Swann and Max Nikias, have now destroyed what was once a proud university destined for greatness among world institutions. Greed and incompetence have wrecked what we all worked for as graduates in our fields and in the business world. The only way to steer this ship back on course is to get rid of the people who have contributed to USC’s demise and sullied our reputation among elite schools. This Athletic department needs to shut down and all of us need to evaluate the incredible damage these few people have done to our school. Please write to the NCAA and request an immediate investigation into the Athletic department bribery and corruption and ask the NCAA to impose the death penalty on sports, just as it did to SMU years ago. Only after we do this can we truly fix what has been destroyed in such a short period of time.

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    1. Oh, “Proud Trojan”? Are you listening? Stick it! Your proposal is so kooky that real ‘proud Trojans’ don’t have to spend 5 seconds wondering where you’re coming from.

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      1. Pudly — This is another USC royal mess, agreed? And these kinds of royal messes always bring all the Trojan haters out of the woodwork to propose “death”, agreed? And they always (cowardly) pose as Trojan loyalists, agreed?

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    2. “I see what your doing….AND I LIKE IT!”

      Your way has Swann, Helton, Enfield and Pendergast gone in one fell swoop!! Come on rah rahs, isn’t this what you’ve been asking for??!!

      While your at it, why not ask for death penalty to the entire school??!! The BOT gone! Wanda the president, Gone! Sodomy on campus, Gone! Murder off campus, Gone! Vagina fingering Gynecologist, Gone! Head of Medicine Drug abusing hanger outer with prostitutes, Gone! Most of all, blind know nothing fanbase, Gone!


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  4. I wonder how the blind long snapper got into southern cal… How can you take the SAT if you can’t see??!! He surly had special treatment.

    At least southern cal is #1 in cheating scandal! All the other schools have one coach indicted in one minor sport. Southern cal has a top administrator, multiple coaches within sports that the school touts national championships in. It is the only school that mentions irregular admission in major sports. Football at southern cal has admitted multiple students as a snapper, kicker. Even basketball admitted a 5 foot 5 student…. but no one noticed at the time because no one cares about southern cal basketball.

    According to sources, Helton is staying away from swimming pools because he doesn’t want to be arrested. On the other hand Enfield is looking to be arrested because he wants out of southern cal basketball. He longs for the days of coaching a real team in FGSU!


      1. So, Pusley auld twat, Vavic graduated from UCLA 27 years ago – BFD.

        I don’t blame that elementary school you quit because you’re a venal, Clown U AH.

        #vacateVavic’sbozo NC’s


      2. 67, Devry doesn’t accept racists or people who don’t know the difference between your and you’re


    1. Teddy,

      You have it all wrong. The Number 1 cheating school of all time is, are you ready, are you really really ready, The U Cockroaches of LA. let us go over the history of the greatest scam and cheeting school of all time:

      You had a basketball coach that couldn’t win a thing for over 20 years, from 1944-1964, and then all of a sudden 10 championships were bought. Then Harrick repeats what is in the dna of U Cockroaches of LA, cheeting again. Once again another title was bought. Not one of those were earned. The payroll for the ruins was higher than the Lakers. Johnny “Cheetin” Wooden should have his picture in the Webster’s Dictionary next to the word cheat.


  5. As a Trojan alum, I eagerly awaited my daughter’s acceptance letter from USC any day now. But the developments from last night were the straw that broke the camel’s back. Even if accepted, I will not allow her to go to USC. I would be negligent in putting her in position to be finger probed by doctors, to be in classes with actress’ daughters who can’t read, to subsidize administrators who play golf all day or enrich themselves with unethical side jobs. I’m out. She can take her soccer scholarship (earned legitimately) to the University of Oregon and the $$$ I save can be used to flying up to Eugene often or having her fly home. The only way to affect changes at USC is ti hit them in the pocketbook. Either by individual donors and season ticket holders boycotting or having the fascist NCAA drop the hammer and blowing up the administration. I’m done with them.

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    1. You’re definitely doing the smart thing. 100% of the young women at USC are subjected to vaginal exams during classes in which the children of movie stars misquote Milton’s “Paradise Lost.” The only answer, as you wisely suggest, is for the NCAA to give the USC football program the death penalty. This will solve everything.

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    2. Some people have faith that the current USC administration and Board of Trustees can cure the problems that exist on this campus. Not likely to happen. No one likes change, especially on campus. And, there is no one in the administration or Board of Trustees who will admit that we have major problems on campus. A clean slate is needed and those who have long tolerated this mess should have no say in how USC moves forward.

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  6. Just you’ll know the “death penalty” isn’t an option. Government schmarmy Newsome signed an executive order doing away with it.
    And with that in mind is it true that coach John McKay was once asked what he thought of his team’s execution, to which he replied, “I’m in favor of it. “

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    1. Steve —Sorry but your brilliant governor’s executive order only covers child and serial killers —-the death penalty still exists for admissions fraud.

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