USC Sunday Buzz: Who Else Knew?

We hear Donna Heinel‘s told people she is “not guilty” of the charges against her in the college admissions scandal. Now would expect anything different?

It will be interesting to see what defense Heinel mounts. It will also be interesting to see if she implicates anyone else at USC.

I haven’t heard yet what Jovan Vavic is saying to people. I’m sure some of his defense will be that he used the money to help others, like paying assistant coaches.

This will be another scandal that goes on and on.

  • Meanwhile, Eric Ziskin, who assistant athletic director/player personnel for the football program, has resigned. I wrote about it Thursday for USC247 but other publications are now reporting it also. One more opening in the recruiting dept.

33 thoughts on “USC Sunday Buzz: Who Else Knew?

    1. Oh, don’t worry, karma —Donna won’t disappoint.
      On an unrelated note, I just took the time to watch some Wanda Austin interviews on YouTube. She is everything Max was not —decent, thoughtful and well meaning. What a cosmic joke that she happened to be in charge of the university when all this crap went public.

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      1. Well MG & folks,
        CAL wanting to make sure all PAC12 Calif teams participate in this cluster has anounced that a 125lb Canadian crew team member was never on the crew roster. Eh? Shock. He alledgedly cheated on his SAT to gain entry to my beloved Univ. CAL has no crew scholies. All walk ons.

        A lot of this problem seems to revolve around SAT’s. I wonder if they can put up much of a defense….


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      2. karma —-whatever else she is, Wanda is not the “black Max” (which, come to think of it, would almost be a contradiction in terms). I have to admit I didn’t know enough about Wanda until this morning when I listened to some of her interviews. I incorrectly assumed the university planted a cipher in Max’s chair —actually, they got themselves a kindly scholar who’ll probably never fully appreciate what she’s really up against.

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      3. Cal75 —I remember the knot in my stomach when you suggested that the future of the Pac 12 could come in the form of the Pac 11. Could we be headed to a Pac Zero?
        The hashtag could be misspelled —I never actually saw the phrase in print, I just heard opposing counsel routinely say it in open court about my witnesses……

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      4. IMHO Austin is figurehead put in her position by the Me Too Movement now running USC. One of her first acts was to oust the dean of the Business School, a symbolic act meant to punish the Business Class donors and alumni of the school and signal the takeover by the Knowledge Class of intellectuals, social workers and public policy wonks.

        The new regime is anti-male and has put a gynecologist in jail for having Playboy magazines and photos of patients (probably required by law to preserve for medical records) as an excuse for plundering the university’s endowment for hundreds of millions of dollars for reparations to victimized women (who never knew they were victimized).

        Ironically, as we are now finding the new regime is more corrupt than the last as evidenced by a female operative in the athletic department who was running a pay-to-play recruiting racket. And those complicit in this corruption are high profile female actresses and their daughters. Yup, cleaning house of men presidents, business school deans and so-called predator football players (Matt Boermeister, Bubba Bolden) has resulted in the public perception of a less unequal education system, albeit a much more corrupt regime.

        Why was Donna Heinel allowed to pull off such corruption? I quote the Roman consul Cicero:

        “We are silent when we see that all of the money of the nations has come into the hands of a few men; which we seem to tolerate and to permit with the more equanimity, because none of these robbers conceals what they are doing”.

        She was allowed to do what she was doing because she was an untouchable woman and what she was doing was done openly and notoriously, and seemed like it was entrepreneurial. The Me-Too Movement culture is way worse than the good old boys club image that ran the university.

        I will take John McKay and his after game drinking club over the current bunch.

        USC alum.

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      5. Wait for the LGBQT cadre to press forward in finding anyone but her as guilty…

        as to Wanda Austin – Mike you’re wrong – Wayne Lusvardi hit it right on the head. This is an agenda driven figurehead blazing the way for a complete takeover of the school by the progressive left. The Dean of the Business School was never accused of any harassment only ‘ignoring’ (whatever that means) and that was what mattered to her (Austin) was moving on that alleged problem instead of all the other news reports that have emerged.

        Lord help anyone this witch Heinel throws her claim of ‘largesse’ to – other coaches/depts. – that’s going to be her defense ‘helping others’

        Next to that pervert Tyndall – she’s the worst mess this school has ever had

        “Why Richard, it profits a man nothing to give his soul for the whole world… but for Wales?”

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    2. Maybe she should. She needs to start by ratting out that worthless Lynn Swann.

      Swann goes around acting like he’s untouchable, doesn’t feel the need to answer to anyone.

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      1. @Wayne Lusvardi

        Letting someone else’s opinion do the thinking for you…that’s nice.

        Good Luck with that.


    3. According to sources, all of the RATS (Heinel, Singer, Vovic etc.) are all singing like canaries. Names mentioned are Haden, Swann and good ole Maxie. Supposedly the scam goes all the way back to the Carroll days! Good of Jorge at UCLA is doing the same. smh

      John McKay was a fall down drunk but at least he wasn’t a scamming cheater. Where has the good ole days gone when I could hate on southern cal for being just degenerate pompous assholes??!!



  1. Scott wants to know what defense Heinel will employ. Well, her defenders are starting to float some pretty weird answers to that question on other sites. The arguments vary cosmetically but they all boil down to the same thing: USC should be allowed to (secretly) grant admission to the highest bidders…..

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    1. Micheal, last I checked SC is a privately owned/run institution and who they take and the criteria used to choose is only up to them…unless of course we started taking public monies that seem to always come with restrictions. I say screw the public funds and open up the bidding.
      The thing that gets me is with the huge influx of Asian students, and the long history of the region to be free of any graft or palm greasing, how Americans can believe there isn’t an Asian version of this story. Nah. Nobody would ever cheat or payoff a school official to boost grades.

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      1. Pudly —I can promise you with 100% confidence that discovery in these lawsuits is going to open up a can of worms the size of which is presently unfathomable.

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      2. Pudly, I live it up to you f****ing loser to turn this in to a racial issue… From what I’ve heard, Asians are actually disadvantaged because so many of them are over qualified and often times need better numbers than their white and other counterparts to gain admission.


      3. So that makes it okay you dumbass? Really? Only you could rationalize cheating, but then you come from the Sam Gilbert school of ethics.


      4. @Pudly

        Last you checked, your head is still up your ass.

        Hey simpleton, do yourself a favor and quit acting like you know what the fuck you’re talking about.

        “I say screw the public funds and open up the bidding.”

        – Pudly

        LOL! What an idiot!

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      5. On the real, Pud, the Asian case has happened. I read somewhere online that some 30 something year old Asian man was indicted on taking admittance tests for Chinese nationals. I will have to find it.

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    2. Newsflash – all universities admit grant admission to the highest bidder, they always have, except in 2019 $500k doesn’t buy you entry anymore…..the price has gone up….way up which is where Bill Singer comes in.

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  2. Wanda is not a scholar of any type. She is a failed nonprofit executive who came close to bankrupting her organisation. Retired, she’s attractive to boards because of her gender and skin color. She’s good at promoting Wanda and destroying institutions. What she did to Jim Ellis is unforgivable. More to the point of this board, she supports Helton because he doesn’t drink, do drugs or sleep around. Think about it: that’s the qualification for USC football coach according to Wanda.

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    1. I get it, Edward. Wanda’s not perfect. And her defense of Clay sounded pretty old fashioned coming from the lips of a progressive. And, although her answers to complex questions do strike me as scholarly, the last thing USC needs right now is our own version of Plato’s “Philosopher King” —-General George Patton better fits the bill at this juncture.

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    2. Most importantly, she’s a Friend Of Obama!

      Austin served on the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology until January 2017, advising President Barack Obama in areas where an understanding of science, technology and innovation was key to forming effective U.S. policy. Austin is currently a member of the Defense Policy Board having previously served on the Defense Science Board and the NASA Advisory Council.

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      1. Well done gotroy22….the slow but steady erosion of honor, patriotism, loyalty, and courage to our great nation has been steadily declining since 1932. The insidious left and their never-ending quest to destroy everything of worth.

        Nixon was a piker compared to the ‘moles’ barakska inserted whose allegiance hails from the land of the scimitar. Notice no more outcry about that ‘just havin’ fun with blackface demoncrat gov out of VA? No interest in Smollett corruption of law enforcement… of the privileged parents of the latest USC scandal – a Jane Buckingham – when written up – the LA Times made no mention of her being a fundraiser for Kirstem Gillibrand – now if she’d been anywhere close to Trump….


  3. Memo to Commie Lush:

    The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance – it is the illusion of knowledge………….Daniel J. Boorstin

    Commie Lush, do you collect a monthly SS benefit; are you enrolled in Medicare?


    1. This latest scandal is what Wolf thrives on. This is National Enquirer material which of course where Wolf belongs. It is jus too bad that USC keeps giving him material for his negative posts, day after day, week after week, month after month…

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    2. Lost on Sunday outhitting Cal 15 to 8 yet giving up 9 runs. Cal is mediocre
      at best. Top freshman recruit pitcher Champlain is pathetic at this time blowing the game late innings. Record of 7 – 11 tells all while one quality
      win over Michigan is your resume.


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