An Interesting Plot Point In Admissions Scandal

Let’s review this passage from the federal documents into the college admissions scandal, which could indicate someone else besides Donna Heinel might have known something strange was going on.

The key phrase here is “The coach also e-mailed a member of the USC athletic department.”

Who was that member?

It might be Heinel. But it might have been someone else. It might be something that comes out in a trial.


16 thoughts on “An Interesting Plot Point In Admissions Scandal

  1. It seems implausible that among all of the admin staff in athletics that no one knew anything.

    You would think that there would be an annual audit of all of the teams as well as the department that at some point would have identified irregularities.

    But perhaps the idea of an annual audit was a detail that Haden and Swann – with no experience whatsoever – did not know about.

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      1. 67 —I honestly don’t believe Swann knows enough about the dollar flow to monitor it….

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    1. Easy, marvienna. Clay is a screw up….but not that kind of screw up. Clay limits himself to poor game prep, bad gameday coaching & playing the wrong players.

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      1. James —
        We don’t even have to wait until trial for yours and Scott’s dream to come true….

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      2. Liked MG
        Of course I agree with your assessment…but when you suddenly find yourself living in a failed state (not sure what the parallel would be between this and the resource curse, but…), it’s easy to cling to any slim hope for a regime change…

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      3. MG
        Yes, I would wonder if not sooner…my guess is we’ll see folks walking the plank prior to that once they are notified that motions will not avail the university? Assuming that to be true, the only question will be to what extent that were to affect the football CoC…

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      4. James —Regime change [as far as the Athletic Director spot] is pretty much assured if an independent president is selected before the season begins. I can’t believe that a new president wouldn’t want to chat with Swann as to what’s been happening on his watch —-and, once that chat was completed, Swann would probably have until noon to collect his valuables in a shoe box.
        As for Coach Helton, a loss in our opener to Fresno State will probably be the last straw.

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      5. I hope you are right – I have this wonderful vision of a new president coming in like the Emperor Tiberius and that chat with Swann being a SwanSong along the lines of “I want my AD to be hands off, not negligent” (a la “I want my flock sheared, not flayed”)…


    1. If you think about it —depending how much Helton knew & how much Swann knew Helton knew —Helton wouldn’t HAVE to blackmail Swann —-the mere POSSIBILITY of being ratted out by an angry ex-employee would be enough to persuade Swann to keep Helton on board [i.e., Helton’s won/loss record and coaching ability wouldn’t matter].

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