Afternoon Thoughts On USC Scandals/President

New USC president Carol Folt has a lot of scandals/issues to deal with when she starts July 1.

Maybe interim president Wanda Austin should do her a favor by removing some inept administrators instead.

USC is a mess and it needs an outsider to come in and restore order. Hopefully, Folt will do it. And without the interference of Rick Caruso, who should probably stop hosting students on his yacht.

What bothers me a little bit is how Folt got hired unanimously by the Board of Trustees and search committee, which included faculty and trustees. Didn’t anyone at least think someone else was more qualified?

A Board of Trustees that merely rubber stamps decisions is how USC got into trouble in the first place.

  • I know someone who visited former USC water polo Jovan Vavic‘s house Saturday. Vavic was home with friends but there was a lot of furniture missing, for what that is worth. Is he moving already?
  • The lawyer for Wake Forest volleyball coach Bill Ferguson, who used to be the men’s volleyball coach, believes his client’s case is shakier than others who were indicted and arrested.
  • This was one of the quietest USC Pro Days in memory. The Rams, a team based in Southern California, sent a few scouts and no coaches. Quite a few teams, including the Cleveland Browns, did not send any coaches.

7 thoughts on “Afternoon Thoughts On USC Scandals/President

  1. “New USC president Carol Folt has a lot of scandals/issues to deal with when she starts July 1.”

    Well, she should be no stranger to that.

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  2. Yes, Austin should remove some inept administrators.

    Does she know who they are? I doubt it.

    She removed a very competent administrator (Jim Ellis), and the reason she removed him is disputed by many women at the business school.

    If Swann is not “drinking, doing drugs, or sleeping around”, then there is no way Austin will touch him.

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    1. At this point, 67, I just hope she doesn’t find out that Graham Harrell likes to drink and party ……

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