What Is The Price For USC Admission?

So Dr. Dre deleted his Instagram post about his daughter getting into USC.

But here is question: If Lori Loughlin and her husband, Mossimo Giannulli, donated $500,000 to USC instead of giving it to Rick Singer, would their daughters have gotten into school?

Dr. Dre and his partner, Jimmy Iovine, gave USC $70 million in 2013. Rick Caruso has given USC more than $30 million.

But what is the going rate for getting someone at USC to legally notice you?

Meanwhile, Cal fired basketball coach Wyking Jones this afternoon.

“This was a difficult decision to make and comes after a deliberate and holistic review of our men’s basketball program,” Cal athletic director Jim Knowlton said.

When will Lynn Swann ever do a “holistic review” of a sports program?

I don’t think he would want the results from such a review of the football, basketball or baseball programs.


19 thoughts on “What Is The Price For USC Admission?

  1. The private schools have a huge advantage here, as “legacy” (parent or other family member previously attended) admitted kids account for about 30% of the entering class at the ivy schools. Those families make big gifts – it is just subtler than what was happening with Singer.

    Harvard’s endowment is $40 billion – no mystery as how they got it.

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    1. How are there no poor Senators? Most exclusive club there is.

      Why are we bashing the rich? Is this a political forum now. Money buys stuff. People want stuff. People do things to get money so they can have stuff.

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      1. Matthew 19:24….Jesus speaking: “And again I say unto you, it is easier for a camel 🐪 to go through the eye 👁 of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”….take it up with him, if you care to.

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      2. Him, not me….I can go on and on if you need understanding you obviously don’t have…He spoke many times on this issue…..


  2. SC signee and top dual sport athlete showing his hops:

    Top dual sport athlete in the country.

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      1. He will be a very special receiver too. His high school coaches really speak highly of him. If he played the 7v7 he would’ve been rated even higher.


  3. I guess you’re looking for a figure from us as to what we deem admittance donation would guarantee admission. While you’re at it Scott what think thee of the same for: Stanford, Notre Dame, Vanderbilt, Duke, Univ. of Chicago, MIT, Cal Tech, Carnegie-Mellon, Georgetown, Johns Hopkins, Rice….the 8 ivies etc..

    I can assure you they have their price as all do and what of it?

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  4. I don’t think Swann could define “holistic.” To date, he has been incapable of doing the minimum required of his position. The man needs to be removed.

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      1. As Jules from Pulp Fiction said, “May I retort?” I am disappointed that a compassionate and caring place like Cal would callously let a coach go merely because he lost 3 times as many games as he won. At least OUR Athletic Director recognizes that there are more important things than winning……

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  5. McGhghy Stephan and Pudly76,

    Money is a tool. No more no less. However man falls because they can’t control it, they let money control them. Money is not evil, the love of money is. Joseph of Arimatha was a rich man and he used his money for good. He paid for the tomb for Christ. We can’t put money in front of Christ, be greedy, or buy for personal corruption. Judas Iscariot bought for personal corruption. We are to help others with money while expecting nothing in return. If so, u will build riches in heaven where moths or nothing else can destroy it. Money is nice to have, but we have to keep our eyes on Christ only.

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  6. I missed mass this morning. I got it right here.
    Dominus Nabisco.

    P76, I missed you at the fairgrounds. I brought extra Modelo for you. Had to take care of it myself. Lot of SC guys and familys there. One of the best guys at the show-ex SC pharmacy school. 20,000 people & the fairgrounds doesn’t have one scrap of litter when we leave.



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