Attendance Issues Plague USC And Pac-12

I’ve written previously USC’s attendance average last season (55,449) was its lowest since 1987.

Well, it turns out the Pac-12 attendance was its lowest since 1982 (46,588), according to Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports.

USC and UCLA played a big role in that especially when the Crosstown Rivalry drew only 57,116, the smallest crowd for the game since 1950.

But Dodd also points to how Texas athletic director Chris Del Conte, whom USC should have hired in 2016, has made changes to increase attendance to Longhorns games.

Del Conte lowered the price of 10 core concessions and created an all-new pre-game experience. He also got rid of boring features like a local bank president’s game-ball presentation at the end of the first quarter.

But Del Conte, who came to Texas from TCU in December, 2017, is a real athletic director.

Not a former USC football player who doesn’t care about the fans or their game experience. Instead, he just lectures them about moving their seats and tells them they better accept that Clay Helton is the football coach.

The article mentions reasons to skip games that pertain to USC.

Parking: How much do you spend to park at the Coliseum?

Restroom lines: This can be a real issue even outside the Coliseum before a game.

Ticket prices: USC fans have become apathetic so this is currently less of an issue, unless you want season tickets and pay a license fee.

Food prices: It ain’t cheap eating at the Coliseum.

Long days: Even if you have free tickets and take public transportation or carpool, a game at the Coliseum is about an 8-hour day.

Game times: Sometimes you don’t know if USC plays at 12:30 p.m., 3:30 p.m., 5 p.m. or 7:30 p.m. until six days before the game.


19 thoughts on “Attendance Issues Plague USC And Pac-12

  1. Good night and there’s Haden still working away like the clever little thief he was on his ‘vision’ of the Coliseum. Notice how anytime they list the long number of scandals for some reason Haden’s diverting a big % of the Mayr Foundation scholarship to USC is never mentioned let alone his lining his pockets and his daughter’sd and sister-in-law’s?

    How come there never is any mention of what Haden got away with and no public humiliation he so richly deserved…?

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  2. Some of the blame for this – including not having a game time until a few days before the event – goes to Larry Scott and the Pac-12.

    Scott gets paid roughly $5 million a year, and yet the SEC and the Big 10 schools receive much more athletic revenue than the Pac-12 schools. Their league commissioners get paid between $1 mill to $2 mill per year. Scott under-performs and is over-paid.

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    1. Maybe the construction equipment from the new museum? Maybe a Dodger game (World Series) going past midnight before a noon game? Maybe another World Series game the same evening? Just a few reasons along with a losing record…

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      1. You are on to something 76, the Dodgers were not in the 80s too. The Rams were in Angel stadium with Replacement players due to the NFL players strike. There are a lot of things to do in LA every weekend. Putting a game on during sweltering heat for TV revenue makes a lot of people think twice about their entertainment money.

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  3. Winning cures this ins heartbeat. People will go if we start winning big again. Games can be at midnight with no parking and 40 dollar beers, if we were smashing everyone, it would be sold out.

    But we aren’t smashing anyone, so all of that other stuff really matters.

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    1. ‘Maybe’ then again we’ve all seen what a clueless clown Helton is w.o. a star quarterback in charge….a loser. In fact were USC to suddenly reel off 9 – 10 victories in a row the question would be ‘When did they fire Helton?’ That’s the only way that will ever happen


      1. My concern is that clay seems to be making some adjustments and letting his coaches do the bulk of coaching, and with this move we have an OK season. I can honestly see 8,9, or even 10 wins ( I’m optimistic) This will keep everything status quo with one exception, GH will be offered a head coaching gig and will be gone. This would put us right back to last year.

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      2. Brumby —If USC looks great on offense & starts averaging 40 points but, due to dumb penalties [and bad defense and special teams play], we still lose a couple big games —-I think we can expect to see Clay ride off into the sunset and Harrell take over.

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  4. Jake Olson with another plea

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  5. Another problem is having games on a weekday night. Those games suck the big one regardless of who USC is playing.

    And it would help attendance a bit if they sold booze at games. With the decline in USC football lately, it would help to be liquored up instead of being stone cold sober to watch USC lose.

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      1. Beer, wine, shots, drinks with an umbrella in them, anything. Just bring back alcohol back to the masses in the Coliseum. If it can be measured by the word “proof” (70 proof, 80 proof) it should be sold on Saturdays.


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  6. Brumby i”ve thought the same things per GH….he turns the program around so dramatically that it is obvious due to him. I can’t see USC letting him go – if that were to happen there’d be hell to pay.

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    1. Alv –Letting Harrell go after a good or great season by the offense is not within the realm of possibility….

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  7. In addition to the reasons already given…

    -Attendance is down all over cfb. Even the Georgia vs LSU game last year appeared to have had pockets of empties at Tiger Stadium
    -Today’s students are much smarter and place less of a priority on spending a Saturday getting hammered and watching football like we did.
    -NFL is the national sport and LA has two good teams.
    -Even if SC pulls off say 8 wins its against garbage competition.

    I just have a feeling cfb overall has killed itself and Larry Scott and inept presidents that support him have killed the Pac’s competitiveness. It’s a sad state right now.

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  8. Not knowing the game times ahead of time is a huge factor. There is no way to plan ahead for when the games are … most people cant just drop everything to go to a football game when they only get a 6-day notice. Sure this helps TV networks but really harms the fans who go.


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