Coliseum Commission President Wants Stadium To Retain Name

Since USC seems to be the poster child for greed these days, the timing is good for L.A. County Supervisor Janice Hahn to write a column against changing the name of the Coliseum to “United Airlines Memorial Coliseum.”

There is some news here: Hahn, who is president of the Coliseum Commission, said she has been working for months to get USC to consider a compromise like renaming the field, “United Airlines Field at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.”

I give Hahn credit for trying. But the forces she is against in the athletic dept. and administration still think they have all the answers despite the deluge of bad news that keeps coming from USC.

24 thoughts on “Coliseum Commission President Wants Stadium To Retain Name

  1. Remind me again why American Airlines will have its name plastered all over the historic Coliseum ? Greed by USC, Max Nikias, Pat Haden, and the rest of those scoundrels in the Athletic Department. If the NCAA follows the lead on the FBI investigation and imposes a Death Penalty on the football program for 10 years, does this mean American Airlines gets its $70 million dollars back because the Coliseum sits empty for 10 years ? What a mistake the State and County of Los Angeles made giving USC a 99 year lease of the Coliseum and surrounding land. Who could trust this school with anything that involves money. Such corruption at the top, and now in the Athletic Department.


      1. No. Just giving credit where it belongs. If he did this at Citi Bank, the US State Dept or anywhere else, he’d be a ruin. Why is it different now?

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    1. Proud Trojan,

      I think United would be pissed off if American Airlines name was plastered all over the Colsuem when United Airlines is paying the $70 million to USC.

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    2. United airlines memorial Coliseum is quick and to the point, I like it. Like any other school they have all the right to ask a sponsor for money to associate their name with a stadium. Remember their were some east coast schools involved in this scandal as well, I don’t hear you condemning their school.

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  2. USC is 30 to 1 to win Natty next year. OWNS, guess guess what the odds are for UCLA? 500 to 1 for your inept team. That chocolate chip has done one helluva job.

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    1. Missing Link –

      Las Vegas would rate bozo u FB 50 – 1 to win the FB NC even if Clown U was an NCAA sanctioned “Death Penalty” FB Program.”

      The Vegas Clown U Fat Cat betting motto:

      BOZO fans and their money are soon separated.

      Ding goes the Vic Bell – UCLA 34 – Clownster’s 27.



    1. When you realize that ESPN is owned by Disney and Disney has always had a love affair with USC, this a blunder of epic proportions. Thinking about the possibility of having the network on every outlet that Disney touches is mind boggling. This doesn’t bide well for the network.

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      1. They also run the Longhorn network and the sec, so you know we’d have gotten more exposure than currently. This scheme of Scott’s to stream to Asia will kill the pac12 for recruiting. Never mind the influx of quick money.

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  3. I really don’t care what you call the stadium as long as it doesn’t involve a huge neon rose looking thing. The palace of the rose is our home away from home- fine to visit but not much to look at otherwise. Home to a massive swap meet and muddy golf course I can’t imagine a real college team playing there.
    However the Coliseum of flying aluminum is a historic landmark with many historic events under its belt. Call it what you want it’s still better than the Arroyo Seco

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    1. Our corrupt incompetent former AD Pat Haden should have saved the peristyle and blown up the rest stadium and replaced it with a Jerry’s World state of the art stadium with great sight lines 9 years ago when he took over for Mike Garrett. This Haden Folly Renovation is putting lipstick on a pig.


  4. Terrific Tommy,

    Freddy Blasse is one of my all time favorites. Then you have the Mad Greek, John Tolos, Bobo Brazil, Mils Mascarse. the “Real” Rock, Rocky Johnson, the father to The Rock, Tony Atlas, and the incredible Dick Lane. Then you have the Olympic Auditorium. Those were good times.

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