Is USC Capable Of Listening To Its Fan Base?

So yesterday I made the observation that Texas has a real athletic director (Chris Del Conte) and USC has a former football player who doesn’t know what he is doing (Lynn Swann).

And I included an article from CBS Sports that has a quote from one of Del Conte’s associate athletic directors: “Listen to your fan base.. I feel like the Texas fan has felt very distant from their own program.”

Can you imagine Swann or a lieutenant making a similar comment?

Case in point: Swann will be in Virginia on Saturday for an autograph show, where he will charge a minimum $220 per autograph. That is more than Kareem Abdul-Jabbar ($110) or Mike Tyson ($125) will charge at the same show.

Here are Swann’s conditions for signing: “Lynn Swann will only do HOF or SB MVP inscriptions.  He will not sign  personalizations or do Photo Op’s.  He will not sign trading cards, Goal Line Art Cards, unlicensed Jerseys, or jersey numbers.”

No photos for $235? Does this sound like someone prepared to listen to his fan base?

Or someone who just lectures the fans?


21 thoughts on “Is USC Capable Of Listening To Its Fan Base?

      1. Yeah my little friend, and how’s your politics doin these days. Cankles still trying to figure out how she lost now that the Russian myth was debunked???



  1. What does an autograph session on the east coast have to do with listening to the fan base? And are positioning yourself as a spokesperson for the fan base? What experience running an athletic department do you have that entitles you to judge if Lynn Swan knows what he’s doing or not? Seriously?

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  2. Right now, O.J. Simpson’s autograph has more value than a Lynn Swann autograph. Who would want an autograph from someone whose department is plagued with corruption and federal indictments ?


      1. Hey Pudly dufas, your political remarks are as dumb and ugly as your face
        looks. What a jerk to be a on this site. You are good to kiss Trump’s ass now right down his crack. Who won the real general election?


  3. How can Austin possibly justify firing Jim Ellis, and then keep Swann on?

    Swann, according to Scottie (who might actually be right in this one instance) is making between $3-$4 million per year, which would make him the highest paid AD in the country.

    The buck stops with Swann.

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  4. Why does Lynn Swann need to sign autographs when he makes millions of dollars working for USC as AD?

    “Swann’s salary was not disclosed, but Haden is believed to be the highest-paid athletic director in the nation. His annual salary and benefits package was worth $2.5 million in 2014, according to federal tax filings. A Los Angeles Times investigation found he also held more than a dozen roles outside USC that, combined, paid more than $500,000 annually.'”

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  5. My question is, after we know about Mr. A$s wipe, err Swann, why would you want his autograph?

    Talk about an ego, Swann. aka Nero should be tied to a stake and burn with the burning of Troy. Only is the new president can get her head out of her ass and out of “Up in Smoke” and fire Nero’s ass.


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