On This Day In USC History

It was 68 years ago today that the New York Yankees played USC before a standing-room only crowd of around 3,000 at Bovard Field.

The game is remembered because Mickey Mantle supposedly hit a 650-foot home run that landed in the middle of the football practice — during a spring practice — that was beyond the baseball outfield.

There was never any verification of the distance but the legend remains intact. Mantle hit two homers, a triple and single with 7 RBI. The Yankees fielded their No. 1 team, including Joe DiMaggio, and won 15-1.

In the picture above are legendary USC manager Rod Dedeaux and legendary Yankees manager Casey Stengel. The pair were close friends and both lived in Glendale until their deaths.

Below, USC’s Tommy Riach (right) talks to former USC star/Yankee Hank Workman and DiMaggio.


11 thoughts on “On This Day In USC History

  1. To this day, when I walk through campus, which is so beautiful btw, I often try to picture ole’ Bovard…..don’t know why….but, I like it….Maybe USC can relocate the baseball field eventually, after the Olympics….

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    1. I’ve said here before, demolish Cardinal Gardens and rebuild it in high rise style where the current baseball field is, and build the new baseball stadium on the northwest corner of Jefferson and McClintock, and, build some overhead bridges from the new part of campus to the field…..


      1. That way, you increase on campus housing, while giving baseball greater exposure to the new University Village area.


      2. Of course, Scott spurred the thought when he informed us the next Olympic pool to come will be installed over the existing Dedeaux Field. So, it’ll already be prepped for a change….


  2. I was there that day as a student. About 3000 fans were packed in and it
    was exciting. The Trojans had their ace on the mound. He retired many of
    the Yankee lineup except Mantle and Gil McDougle. Few had heard of
    these guys. I recall the score as 15-0 with Mantle and McDougal doing
    essentially all the damage.
    The old Bovard field had a giant eucalyptus tree down the 1st base line.
    It was growing about 20 or 30 feet from the foul line. The tree grew limbs,
    which stretched out over the line at about the 75 ft height and were very hard to maintain. Many drives were hit into the tree causing disputed calls.
    Some of our opponents believed this tree was somehow used by us to our unfair advantage. I watched a lot of games in that venue and enjoyed every one of them very much.

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    1. Old Bovard was like Gilmore Stadium or Wrigley Field, a classic. Yes the tree down right field line caused lots of disputes but it provided shade for the Trojan bullpen – where I spent a lot of time!


    2. that was 1951, a year before I started going with our family to SC football, baseball, basketball games and track and swim meets… bet you have seen some good SC sporting events.


  3. In the photo of DiMaggio, Mr. Hank Workman went to my high school as did his son. Mr. Workman was All American at SC. His son played tight end and was one year behind me. Good athlete as well. Loyola High is the high school in reference.


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