If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

The USC Alumni Club of San Diego sent out an email at 9:48 a.m. today for a Game Day watch party in Old Town that starts at 11 a.m.

Nothing like a last-minute invitation. I didn’t expect a watch party 7 miles from the stadium in San Diego. Maybe the alumni realized even its members weren’t thrilled about going to the game.

If you want to go, it’s at the Old Town Tequila Factory at the Best Western Plus Hacienda Hotel.

  • This will be a topic to examine after the season but exactly who will be the starting offensive tackles next season? Austin Jackson is expected to go pro and Drew Richmond is a senior. There isn’t exactly a cupboard of four-or-five star linemen waiting in the wings.
  • Here is a history lesson for Mike Bohn, who talks about “intensity of interest” with USC fans.

Homecoming used to be a week-long event around USC. A parade in downtown Los Angeles drew 65,000 and was televised locally two days before USC played Stanford in 1949.

The homecoming queen or “Helen of Troy” was crowned the same night at Bovard Auditorium by a jury headed by actor Kirk Douglas (pictured below with winner Virginia Tongue).

Comedian Bob Hope also showed up for the ceremony and then performed a show at Bovard on Friday night that featured singer/actress Doris Day.

  • Julie’s restaurant wasn’t just a place to go and drink (and maybe eat) for USC football coaches. In the late 1950’s, assistant coach Al Davis used to diagram plays on the table cloths. Davis sometimes brought his little boy to the football offices in the student union. That would be current Raiders owner Mark Davis (fill in your own punchline).
  • Below is a picture from the 1961 USC spring game at the Coliseum. This was the craziest spring-game ever. Former USC players, many in the NFL, came back to play the current team. Marlin McKeever, Mike Henry, Jim Sears and Al Carmichael were among the former players.
  • The great tailback Jon Arnett told me he only served as a coach because he realized someone would get hurt and none of the current Trojans wanted to face McKeever or Henry.
  • Wide receiver Hal Bedsole, who is in the College Football Hall of Fame, tole me he played quarterback for one play and got crunched by McKeever and Henry. Two weeks later, he was in severe pain and an X-ray revealed he had three holes in his stomach. He underwent surgery that night.
  • McKay decided to never hold another game vs. the alumni.
John McKay (right) and former USC star tailback Jon Arnett (middle) at the 1961 spring football game. Photo courtesy USC Digital Library.
  • In the mid 1970’s, a home-run contest at Dedeaux Field saw the legendary Mickey Mantle (who retired in 1968) take on some USC players. The winner was outfielder Steve Kemp, who was the No. 1 pick in the 1976 major league draft.

Read here about Mantle’s supposed 650-foot home run that he hit at USC in 1951.

13 thoughts on “If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

  1. both of those stories are nice reads. this football program was folt’s and bohn’s easiest fix. the one thing they could have done to reinstill trust, optimism and goodwill. and, they just blew it.

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  2. “I’m not necessarily about perception,” Helton said. “I’m about wins and how to produce the best football team. You have to worry maybe not about popular opinion and address what your needs are.”

    Let’s see.

    Recruiting is in the shitter, that doesn’t help produce the best football team.

    You are a shitty coach and have a shitty coaching staff, which isn’t conducive to making a top football team.

    Your wins aren’t much after Darnold and the prison rapings your teams have had to endure due to your ineptitude are numerous..

    You have no idea what your needs are nor how to address them, none.

    Popular opinion and perception is that you’re a shitty coach who is in over his head, in this case, popular opinion and perception is correct.

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  3. Will Slovis complete a pass (one that isn’t an up for grabs Hail Mary) that travels over 15 yards in the air to a Trojan WR today? I seriously doubt it. It’s been the “yards after the catch” of those 5 – 10 yard dink and dunk passes that have people giving credit to Slovis and Harrell. Any pass longer than those have just been thrown up for grabs by Slovis.

    You won’t see Slovis completing any 20 – 30 yard passes thrown on a rope, it’s all going to be bubble screen or 5 – 10 yard dink and dunk.

    Matter of fact, Harrell should rename his offense “Dink and Dunk” because that is exactly what it is.

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  4. Is this like saying one minute, “Clay Helton has until Thursday to find another job.” And “I’m hearing the delay at USC is for all the right reasons.”

    And then 10 minutes later, USC announces that they are keeping Clay Helton.

    Nothing like a last minute backpedal.


  5. I couldn’t have said it better Buddha.
    I think what bothers me the most about Folt and Bohn-er is they seem to consider
    winning and integrity mutually exclusive. The Peter Principle personified.

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    1. This mutually exclusive thing is a head scratcher for sure.
      Neither one has integrity and, at this point, it has become clear – neither one is a winner.
      Sooo… no integrity = loser. Yup, that sounds about right.


  6. This isn’t about integrity– Roberts was elevated, the weird lesbo mafia was left alone to get yet another FBI investigation going on now, showing it is throughout the university, selling admissions and grades and God knows what, and the issues with the faculty have not even remotely been addressed. What it is about is that Folt is corrupt and crooked, but also very political; she was at UNC to the point they had to fix up the mess and fire her.

    SC’s issues on the board resulted in a hire to keep dirtiness going. And Bohn was hired to NOT clean out the mess where he is, and to simply do as he’s told. SC is a gd sewer right now, with the SJW and various agenda ridden interests political and financial now in control of yet another very wealthy and powerful institution, running amok and tearing it down.

    It’s painful to watch as an alum because there’s not much to nothing I can do about it. What comes of our FB is of course symptomatic of this. Ditto for the PAC 12, which is made of either similar institutions or institutions that are not substantial enough to change what’s going on.


  7. Are you kidding me? Her name was Virginia Tongue? It must be true as Kirk Douglas is handing out the award. At the Yardbird Restaurant at the Venetian in Las Vegas the is a picture of him in skimpy white briefs with an unreal appendage. So it does make sense that he would handing a trophy over to a certain Ms. Tongue. There are moments when life has clarity and that picture was one.


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