USC Morning Buzz: Propaganda Video Drops On Fans

USC really thinks you are gullible. USC is desperate. How else to explain this Clockwork Orange video it released Thursday night, which can be viewed below.

Here are the worst quotes:

“This year we took the next step back to where we want to be.”

What next step? Winning eight games? Losing to BYU? Getting blown out by Oregon?

“We’re putting the conference on notice.”

How? By bringing back Clay Helton?

“Something is brewing in Southern California.”

What is brewing? The worst recruiting class in the Pac-12?

How much more can USC squeeze out of Matt Leinart, who narrates the video? The athletic dept. acts like he is the only guy who exists.

I get that he lives near the rest of the South Bay mafia but there are other ex-football players around. Maybe not ones to please the country club types but they do exist.

31 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Propaganda Video Drops On Fans

  1. Yep, I admit it. It’s extremely difficult to stay interested in the affairs of the SC football program these days after learning about Helton being retained. To be honest, the only reason for me to be minimally interested in SC football right now is that I’m an alum and not much else.

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  2. ITS ALL ABOUT MONEY $20 MILLION TO BUYOUT HE’LL TON BOHNER AND FOLTwereNever going to Fire He’ll ton they started working at USC at the end of November now its the end of December Every One knows. HE’LL TON is CLUELESS at Coaching and screwed over the 2020 recruiting. The Fans Need Support Graham Harrell for calling the Plays on Offense… Go Get a New Defensive coordinator if that person is Available Make Sure that USC Practices TACKLING and get a New Conditioning Coach and Make Sure the Running Backs are all Healthy

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  3. Very difficult to support USC right now. But I find myself conflicted with rooting for the players but at same time rooting against the undisciplined non leader Helton. I’m sure many others are on the same boat. Also rooting against puppet Bohn and clueless Folt. They have 100 percent accepted mediocrity for this once proud program. And I would be shocked if Gomer fired any of his atrocious coordinators at this point. This guy is delusional with his comments. With a good head coach, USC destroys Iowa today. But with Gomer, expect another 10-15 penalties, 3-4 turnovers, 3 personal bonehead fouls due to no consequences. Oh and let’s not forget all of the dam excuses that Gomer will make afterwards.

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  4. Some days I get a sneaking suspicion that the unholy trinity might actually be working in concert to some end that hasn’t a thing to do with gettin’ after natty’s. Stooges aficionados recognize Larry, Curly, and Moe were different dudes off camera… I mean what are the odds that 6 eyes divied up between 3 career opportunists like FBH could so clearly miss the mark on how best to go about doing what they so loudly, and boldly claimed they would do… namely returning our iconic program to glory (and Im not talking “southern division subsection j” ribbon winners either. Im talking bout a team that goes into war eagle turf and shows them the left coast can play some ball too. Anywhere, anytime thank you much. I mean seriously, what’s the point of a UC Davis? How in anyway does that help make the “student athlete young people” any f’n better? Thought betterment was the daddy warrior creedo helton has tattooed on his ass cheek… at a certain point why even play? Thought the champion gene had something to do with challenging one’s self as a means of elevating ones self. Maybe Sun Zu wrote another book just for Clay that counters all the previous nonsense… Or maybe, just maybe, it’s a preemptive strike on alum spirit to create apathy over time, which often leads to dozing off while minding the chickens, and next thing you know? POOF!! History is neutered, and a different narrative takes its place. Ck out the Forbes article from yest/today for a hint of as much…

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  5. Uh oh, USC is putting the weakest conference in the power 5 on notice, the same PAC 12 that can’t put anybody in the playoffs.. 😂😂. I think Oregon put the conference on notice last season, especially with their top 10 national recruiting class, and a beat down of the mighty Trojans 😂. What dumb ass produced that video? I should have a viewing of it at the local Improv …Straight Comedy

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  6. I dont get it. But i guess if you go from 5-7 to 8-4 people are shaking in their boots? One quality win in my book over Utah . Really bad losses bs Oregon and BYU and the Washington game wasnt as close as the final 14 pt loss.


  7. Unusual for this hour, but something resembling clarity has come my way… it’s either that or the Makers is still in effect. No matter, here’s what crossed my mind in rough stream of thought form this crispy December morn:
    Football as I know/knew it is gone. The game I played from Pop W to Canadian training camp cut (like very first cut) no longer exists. I know, I know, age and exaggeration are bedfellows, but all things equal, does anyone think the new school kumbaya gen could’ve built the Grand Coulee Dam using nothin but balls and a couple slide rules? No way. Not a chance. They weren’t raised in an era of scarcity. A time and place where there was one loaf of bread and 5 hungry families. Compete wasn’t a 5k mudder in Irvine, it was a thing you did to survive. As society progressed and the modern era in sport took root, games were played by those who were the sons of hardened fathers who knew no other way. Today? God forbid someones avocado toast is not a perfect shade of yummy. Football is changing everywhere except for a small section of the world, where blues means Robert Johnson, not Greta Van Fleet. As football occupies a smaller and less meaningful place in the lives of a generation that physiologically requires a non-stop barrage of digital noise chopped up in mini bite sized pieces, the game must reinvent itself to maintain a shot at relevance in the decade ahead. The pastoral ass kickings of yesteryear are probably everybit unpalatable to the Slovis generation as a Red Grange highlight description/b&w moving pic woulda been to me. And as fate would have it, the man they tapped to head up our local Montessori School of Modern Football, is that thinks the swingset and tetherball pole are just plain dangerous and should be replaced by a soft serve fountain.

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    1. Lots of good stuff here, including:

      “Football is changing everywhere except for a small section of the world, where blues means Robert Johnson, not Greta Van Fleet.”

      Agree – this is part of the bigger problem, in which the Pac-12 is slowly morphing into the league of soccer, gymnastics, and softball.

      Once Pac -12 football gets so bad that it is unable to pay the bills of the non-revenue activities, will football still exist in the pac-12?

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      1. 40+ year fan. Does anyone understand how hard it is to watch a football program you’ve loved since your earliest memories be driven
        Into the ground? Being out of the discussion as a NC contender: unacceptable. 78th ranked (78th!!) recruiting class: unacceptable. Being outside the top 10: unacceptable. Playing in a bowl game before Jan 1: unacceptable. What the school leadership had done to eviscerate the program is treasonous and worse than any NCAA penalty. The beacon of greatness on the left coast has gone out. Signed, Heartbroken.


    2. This might be the best piece of writing that I’ve ever seen on Wolf’s blog, and there’s not telling what might spill out after the wax is broken. However, wouldn’t every generation say something similar about the ones that follow it? I’m sure the cave boy’s father shook his head disapprovingly because his son had time to paint images on the cave wall instead of trying to make or find fire. No, these kids won’t use a slide rule to build a dam, but they damn well might get us to Mars.

      Honestly, no discussion of generations could be had without a discussion if the very singular generation that was/is the Baby Boomers. I think those of us who are part of Gen’ X are happy to see what the generations after us have to offer after catching the Boomers’ act. The historically long lifespan is a nice touch and very typical of the Boomers as well. You see, you’re given a much different perspective when your generation spends time head down/ass up in its school basement and/or hallway, kissing it all goodbye. Yep, the Boomers have put on quite a show so far and it doesn’t appear as if they plan on going quietly, does it? We really should’ve known this was going to be good. We have been in a perpetual race to see if the Baby Boomers will go extinct before they take us all with them ever since I can remember. Thanks, but with all due respect, my money is on the kids and more power to them.


      1. LOL! You see Come On Now, there’s one of the mental midgets now. Can always count on buddha to post something stupid. Not a day goes by without it.


  8. i didn’t finish the video. ‘we’re putting the conference on notice.’ ‘this is why you come to usc.’ 🤮 … nothing they did this season is why anyone comes to usc.

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    1. What I don’t understand is why they use the most obvious hackneyed phrases:

      “something is brewing”
      “putting conference on notice”

      This looks like their target audience is naive 16 year old kids.

      The recruiting commercials by the army, navy, air force, etc. that are aired during football games are more sophisticated.

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      1. 67 —I guess we need to face the fact that USC —the institution, not the USC football team (which I wish all the luck in the world today and next season)— is just another one of those once great brands that is presently crawling on all fours through the desert in search of water.
        You’re so right about the hollowness of the ad language (and Leinart’s voice, for that matter). The people who put this thing together have zero “true belief” in the team’s potential. Folks who give a fuck wouldn’t let this thing see the light of day. Their product is so stale and uninspired that it plays like one of those horridly insincere Disney trailers that talk of “magic” and “a return to heart.”

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      2. 67 — It’s all part of the same clueless act that’s been going on for years now. It doesn’t seem like anything good can escape the bars of USC’s “Leadership Team”…

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      3. 67: have always appreciated the respectful perspective you bring to the table, no doubt about it. Watching something you’ve loved since first sight struggle to find its way when good fortune no longer comes easy is not the easiest thing to do. Many, most, or perhaps all who come here for some Trojan football fellowship are a pissed off bunch. A quick read of what’s said in this reply section reflects as much. Imho, what’s written on this blog is proof that passion still exists, it runs deep, and when you pen something 67, it’s done with class.

        Clay R: You’re damn right. Big pic sins of the father have put it on the sons like no other time in history. All things being all things with time of the essence, it’s probably a good thing the youth of today is focused on ensuring a tomorrow instead of waiting on a yesterday.

        To you guys along with MG, Buddha, and others that my tasty pregame beverage is preventing me from naming, I say cheers.

        In close, and setting aside whatever animus I have for the FBH gong show, here’s to the boys suiting it up today in Cardinal & Gold… Go kick some Hawkeye ass!!


      4. I didn’t watch it, but yeah…you put them on notice when you stomp them. Not with words. And when you beat them, your players act like they’ve been there before (even if they haven’t). Don’t give an extra shove after the play is clearly over. Don’t put on some ghetto, NFL dance after scoring. Go back to acting as if this is the norm. No one should be surprised we’re thumping you! WE’RE USC!!


  9. I need to start drinking whatever Helton does. It must be some good stuff! This looks like a highlight film thats missing the lowlights


  10. Myopic and bad.

    Heard that Tammy Trojan missed a couple of games due to anxiety attacks. Wow.

    Can Gomer miss next season for the same reason?


  11. I can’t even watch my Trojans. My guts turn at the mediocre ball being played. The school leadership simply is not interested in fielding a NC contender. Sad end to a once great program. They flushed a tradition that was 2 generations in the making down the toilet. I do not believe the SC will ever be more than an also-ran unless there is a wholesale change in leadership and mentality.


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