Another Name Surfaces For Defensive Coordinator

Tosh Lupoi, the Cleveland Browns defensive line coach, is getting mentioned as a candidate for the USC defensive coordinator’s job.

I have no doubt Lupoi would take the job.

I do have doubts whether Clay Helton would be allowed to hire Lupoi.

Remember, back when Steve Sarkisian was hired by USC in 2013, he was interested in bringing Lupoi with him.

But allegations arose that Lupoi broke NCAA rules by paying for a recruit’s online classes and tutoring. The NCAA decided not to punish Lupoi or Washington.

Sarkisian eventually said the allegations played a role in not hiring Lupoi at USC.

26 thoughts on “Another Name Surfaces For Defensive Coordinator

    1. My gosh Mike I know we all are sick of where we see USC football under the village idiot Heltonska but did you note this evening’s final down in Shreveport, LA?

      Lousiana Tech 14
      Miami (FL) 0

      Long time since 1991….Hurricanes are in a real mess….then again let’s see how the con show aka ‘the princess’ does against IA St. Saturday down in Orlando-FL……my my my where oh where is bel-air tech?

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    1. Is coaching acumen even a consideration? Or does recruiting trump skills with x’s and o’s?



    2. Are you joking? Yes he’s a good recruiter but he’s an awful defensive coordinator. Why do you think Alabama got smoked by Clemson in the national title game? Saban had to cut him loose due to his lack of defensive scheme knowledge.


      1. No me lad….best line is by Connery as they look at the Mounties driving the trucks across the border and Ness’ men stand frozen with fear

        “Oh what the hell, you’re gonna’ die of something!”

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  1. If Meyer is supposedly questionable then why in hell would the name lupoi even be in the SC discussion? In Wolf’s mind only?
    He played at CAL but is persona non grata with EVERY alum I speak with. Really sold out his school when the program was imploding under Tedford as he left for WA by doing some very slimy moves.
    Take him please. You’ll be under NCAA scrutiny with discipline to follow. He follows the money. Perfect fit.


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      1. MG
        I would bet the only guy floating the lupoi name is his agent. Probably in an email to the wolfgangsta.
        You guys know that if SC hires him that Helton’s head would explode. The two are not compatible.

        You do realize that if HH tried to put a lid on the lupoi antics they would never succeed. He’d be plotting his revenge daily. And he’s smart enough to slide out of town & leave someone else holding the bag. Wolfy would have fodder for another few years.
        Something is brewing in bamaland for the lupoi name to be floating on the west coast.


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      2. Answer to hashtag: hostess cupcakes.
        [Please don’t spellcheck my above answer to Alv about Eliot Ness—I was distracted by a television commercial for a Will Smith movie in which he appears to be fighting himself & I temporarily lost my bearings]…..

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    1. Meyer didn’t get hired because Folt didn’t want a repeat of Tennessee Fans (more likely non-fans) reaction to Greg Schiano. In politically correct California, no doubt it would have happened 10 seconds after the hire.


      1. Temporarily?
        Wilcox will print the sociopaths resume & pass it out to recruits.

        Cupcakes? I have to hand it to Dr Wedge. His brown nose has formed a perfect shape. He should be teaching azz kissing 101 in addition to being a FB mastermind.

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  2. And yet Another Name Surfaces for Defensive Coordinator: Scotty Wolfe. The paper that the name was written on was used in the men’s room and flushed down the toilet in unison by Helton, Bohn and Folt. Asked for comment they all turned and farted simultaneously. Efforts to gain comment from Wolfe were moved to the Hyperion plant.

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  3. Why would those weak allegations stop USC from hiring Tosh Lupoi ? Don’t they still have that slime ball, Max Nikias on payroll ? And what about the good Dr. Tyndall, who was allowed to sexually assault many women over a 20 year period, and was paid a few million to retire? 😂

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