Does USC Need A Quick Start Tomorrow Night?

There are a lot more fans in San Diego from Iowa than USC.

This is not unusual because many USC fans come down the day of the game.

But the fact is Iowa fans are expected to heavily outnumber USC fans at the game. Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz remarked today that he saw a lot of Hawkeye fans when he walked around the city.

Iowa fans certainly will have a lot more patience at the game than Trojans fans, who are likely to have a short fuse if there are penalties or other shortcomings so common in the Helton era.

Maybe the beginning of the game will be key because there could be a snowball effect if USC falls behind early.

14 thoughts on “Does USC Need A Quick Start Tomorrow Night?

  1. Well let’s wait and see…..frankly I doubt we fail due to offense. It’s going to be what our defense does. We have the best receivers in the nation and if IA chooses to do what BYU & OR did – drop 8 could be a problem but i don’t think they have the players that can keep up. Just need to see Helton be Helton and screw up something he should have already fixed – sidelines, punt coverage, penalities and thus, one again, make a game that should have been over way too close.

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  2. If Iowa drops 8 Slovis will get exposed again. Iowa isn’t going to let Harrell and Slovis to dink and dunk down the field.

    Helton has already purposely pissed off Markese Stepp and won’t play him so the Trojans won’t have any run game to speak of.

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    1. ‘vere are jeu’ frum, untermench? Frum der ‘ost’? Ja jeu’ ar’….jeu’ ‘ust an’ dumpkopf verstais?

      USC vill’ vin’ und jeu’ an’ jere’ uter’ untermench kan’ krawl’ tue der ‘ost’!

      All power to the soviets! Dis’ moron ist a clown frum ‘bel-air tech’!


  3. ESPN just said Slovis is front runner for next year’s Heisman —and Holiday Bowl is match up of two potentially great teams for 2020 season …and hinted that USC will win.

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    1. Michael, Slovis was the 10th ranked passer in the country, so not surprising about the expectations for next year. And 10th ranked despite being thrown in as an 18-year old, and being coached by Helton.

      The offense was performing so well that I think they could have defeated Iowa on autopilot had they played a month ago. Now, who knows…?

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      1. 67,
        If Drew Richmond is out there (as much for his leadership as his athleticism) and we don’t have to shuffle the o-line much, I think we’ll be fine…

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    1. USC 21-0 at end of first quarter would be a disaster for Scott….


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