USC Injury Report

Clay Helton said tailback Markese Stepp (ankle) will not play in the Holiday Bowl. He said offensive tackle Drew Richmond (foot) is 50-50.

  • I mentioned this before but I’m going to mention it again: It’s not supposed to rain in San Diego until late this afternoon or early this evening but USC is scheduled to do its walk-through in a hotel ballroom.

10 thoughts on “USC Injury Report

  1. I hope the ballroom is appropriate for playing ball. So does that mean the team plans to dance down the field? I know they have an indoor facility on campus why not stay home and practice there?

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    1. Sorry. It HAS to be the ballroom, Truman. Clay said the team will be modeling new uniforms for a GQ cover today… but assures everyone that “the team will be ready to go on Saturday!”….

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  2. Stepp had an ankle ligament repaired just 5 weeks ago, so why rush him back for a meaningless bowl game?

    Looking forward, the team has the potential to be incredibly good next year. Think of the offense with Slovis, Stepp, Christon, Vaughans (fingers crossed), St. Brown, McCoy, Kyle Ford. Defense has talent as well.

    I really believe that next year’s team should be top-10 with the right coaching. Not to beat a very dead horse, but with the talent in place, it is so disappointing with what Folt ordered Bohn to do.

    Any good top administrator understands organization success depends on them picking the right people, and then delegating appropriate responsibility. She has already failed at this, and failed in a huge way.

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      1. We think she’s failed. Actually she thinks she has succeeded in implementing Rick Caruso and Steven Spielberg’s vision for USC athletics.

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  3. 1967 I agree, top5 to top 10 talent no doubt. But bottom tier coaching with Helton, Pendergast, and Baxter. Poor, undisciplined coaching evens out the playing field. With the right coaching this season, USC wins at least 10 games but probably 11 or 12 and is probably in the playoff. So that being said, we will probably go 8-4 next season again and lose to 4 less talented teams because of lack of focus, discipline, and leadership. The players deserve much better.

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