USC Morning Buzz: A Real Defensive Coordinator Will Want Own Staff

It’s already the day before the Holiday Bowl?

One thing I’ve heard from several college coaches is that if USC hires a good defensive coordinator, the coordinator will probably want to try and bring in some of his own guys to coach.

Would Clay Helton or Mike Bohn go for that?

A respected defensive coordinator might say they won’t risk their reputation without their own linebackers coach or defensive line coach or defensive backs coach.

One could argue USC’s offense was hindered this season because it tried to mesh new coaches (Graham Harrell, Mike Jinks) with existing coaches like Tim Drevno.

Bohn didn’t spend any money on a new head coach so maybe multiple staff changes would not kill him financially.

Of course, the defensive coaches have already pondered this scenario and are just as interested as the fans in what might happen after the Holiday Bowl.

35 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: A Real Defensive Coordinator Will Want Own Staff

  1. The new D-Coordinator will be the coach- in- waiting….so I guess he’ll want his own staff.
    On another note —everyone needs to watch Helton’s post practice interview for December 24th. He talks about how he’ll still be coaching (and learning and growing) at age 100. Yes, he really says that. He also says that Stepp probably won’t play on Saturday —which is fine cuz the game’s on Friday….

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      1. Harrell is O-Coordinator through 2021 or 2022 —but I’ll bet ya anything Bohn is trying to redeem himself by getting a superstar D-Coordinator to take over if and when Helton flames out…..

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      2. steveg –Even though I believe Bohn is dumb enough to do it (and probably wants to do it so he can say “Look, I did something!”) I hope we don’t bring Del Rio in. He’d become the next head coach sooner or later —and he’s not up to it. [We’ll never get to the playoffs or recruit top 5 classes with JDL —he’s not charismatic enough to fire up 18-20 year olds]…


      1. Yes, karma — Helton really said he didn’t think Stepp would be ready for Saturday. The actual quote is “To be honest with you, (coach always likes to work that subordinate phrase into every sentence), I don’t think Markese will be ready by Saturday.”

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    1. I hope no one is a coach in waiting.

      I mean, isn’t internal lazy HC hires what brought the football program to this low point in 2019? Aren’t lazy internal HC hires one of the biggest negative points of the USC football program this last decade?



  2. LOL, who says Clancy is going anywhere ? Same with Baxter.

    Gomer has all the cards, he survived, the President is clueless and the new AD is a puppet. Gomer’s going to do what he wants and that means not getting rid of his asshat buddies.

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  3. A ‘real defensive coordinator” would want to be no where near Helton (Head Coach Lemming).

    The defensive coordinator would also like to bring in a real president, AD, and HC

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    1. It would be SO cool if it got reported next week that negotiations with Urban Meyer broke down over his insistence that he be made University President before he could seriously consider the Head Coaching position….

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  4. USC football is a laughingstock and the players are a bunch of lightweight snowflakes that can’t walk from here to there without getting hurt. The university has become a Gawd Damn disgrace. Let USC keep that fucking idiot Helton, he makes everyone at USC look just as stupid as him.

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  5. Any coordinator is going to want familiar staff. But good ones will interview current coaches and make changes only when necessary.
    I am taking a wait and see approach. If they see nothing wrong with Helton they probably don’t see the defense as a problem. And special teams? They had injuries which cause the multiple miscues such as not enough players on the field. It’s the players who are responsible for being on the field don’t cha know?

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    1. How did you get the tape of Helton’s December 23rd conversation with Bohn?

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  6. In mho, I can’t see Helton going anywhere soon; to fire him would require a much more
    humble attitude on the part of Bohn-er and Folt, for it would be admitting they
    had made a mistake in retaining him (Helton) in the first place. Also I can’t see any substantial staff changes on the part of Helton; after all these guys have gotten him where he is,$3.8 million a year. So until there is unbearable pressure from the BOT concerning revenue decline, significant changes in the current set up are just not in the cards.
    Gawd, I hope I’m wrong.

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      1. Even if he gets beaten to a pulp by Bama he’s not going anywhere, he’ll have to have a 4-5 win season next year to get fired and even that might not do it


      2. Mg
        I call Bull$H**t on your assumption….Did anything change after the first ass kicking from ‘Bama….or tOSU….nothing…nada…zip


      3. Don’t tempt him, karma —Helton is like a child who keeps pushing things further and further to see how much he can get away with.


      4. Factor13–
        I tend to think the second 52 -6 would be the charm — but the Oregon debacle does suggest otherwise, don’t it….?


      5. Mike it could be worse this time. I think that USC was better than next season’s. The only thing we have that is a good thing for sure (I hope) is a QB that’s played. We lose Vaughns and Pittman that will be significant in an an opener because Alabama usually plays defense. Then we are most likely gonna see a good number transfer in spring.


  7. If Mike Bohn is concerned about money, then I doubt if he’ll go after a top defensive coordinator, because that requires a multi million dollar contract. And that would be another buyout if Helton’s fired next season.

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  8. See this AP article on the number of athletes that some no longer even appear in a classroom – on line?
    Note the listing of the schools that do not allow ‘on-line’ classes. bel-air tech ain’t on that list, nor Stanford, or Cal –

    COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Heisman Trophy winner Joe Burrow is a hero on LSU’s Baton Rouge campus, but he hasn’t seen much of it because he took graduate courses online. Justin Fields rarely has to step inside an Ohio State classroom building because he also does most of his school work online to accommodate his grueling football schedule.

    The debate is likely to continue. Of the 46 Power Five conference schools that responded to an AP survey, 27 have no limits on how many online courses athletes may take. A dozen others have few online course offerings or limit how many athletes may take. Just six have no online offerings or prohibit athletes from taking them, including private schools Vanderbilt, Northwestern, Southern California, Texas Christian and Notre Dame. Michigan is the only public school among the Power Five conferences that doesn’t offer online learning.

    here’s the link for the full article

    BTW how bout’ that article in this morning’s LA Times – ‘no head lice here’ move by bel-air tech’s men’s basketball coaching staff…

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  9. With any LUCK Helton will miss Fridays game- thinking it is Saturday. The way he coaches & manages a game.
    Ucla game– first quarter calls a time out to kick a field goal ? might have needed it for late in 2nd quarter. Fourth quarter calls a time out with 1:54 to go and Ucla with no time outs and we are up by 2 scores.. Run the ball and burn off the 1:54 and get the hell out of there.

    Our lovely President dresses like a dud for one being the head of a University– and with phony smile holding up the victory sign.She looks she would not a football from a golf ball. Our weak ass AD, why hire one if you are going to over ride him. She is worried about Meyers bagge, try looking up Rick Carouso’s family bagge, if his dad was H.J. Carouso the new car dealer in L.A. back in the late forties-early fifties.

    Need to clean house, and rid us of the all.

    Thank goodness for the memories of the McKay & Carroll ( early 3yr’s) era. Will be a long time till see anything close again

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    1. Jon Arnett Rooter,
      “Why hire an A. D. if you’re going to override him?”


  10. The die is cast. Helton stays until Bohn or Folt leave. A 5-7 season won’t do it (happened last year, didn’t it?), so precedent is on Teflon Helton’s side. It will have to be unignorable revenue drop, as simply being a laughing-stock in professional circles or with the media isn’t doing it.

    It’s obvious Bohn is backpedaling and feeling pressure from donors, but has to play out his bad hand. In the end, his bluff will be called. Helton is an atrocious coach, and a cardboard cutout could do a better job on game day (or recruiting). Unfortunately sad days ahead at Troy…

    That said… Go Trojans! Beat the Hawkeyes!

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  11. Anybody getting their hopes up that Gomer will make any changes as far as Bubba Baxter and Clancy are concerned, is setting themselves up for failure. The puppet Bohn is just that. Folt has no clue what a historical blue blood program looks like so 8-4 or 5-7 is doing great in her mind. I would be shocked if Gomer fired his two “GREAT COACHES” at this point. I , like many other USC supporters had my hopes up and was almost 100 percent sure that Gomer would be fired and look where that got us. I guess anything can happen but I’m not settling myself up for failure again. Alabama could put up 70 next season and there would not be a change.


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