USC Safety Talanoa Hufanga Breaks Collarbone

Talanoa Hufanga, who is USC’s best safety, broke his collarbone in Saturday’s practice and will be out eight weeks.

Hufanga also broke his collarbone last season. He should be back for fall camp.

Cornerbacks Greg Johnson and Isaac Taylor-Stuart were also out for Tuesday’s practice.


14 thoughts on “USC Safety Talanoa Hufanga Breaks Collarbone

      1. Neither do I. Doctors released him after putting in screws and said he was good!!! Never heard of it before but then I’m not a doctor. Crazy

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    1. Thanks, Pudly! Good stuff. [If you listen carefully, Harrell would like the defense to blitz more than 7 times a practice so that the offense could play at the speed he wants to see them play].

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      1. Pudly —I’ll say it right now —USC is going to surprise people in the first few games. Everybody’s playing faster, the right guys have lost weight (Markese and J. T.) and Harrell actually has a “plan” for the offense (beat people with speed and athleticism, wear ’em out and then run the ball down their throats). My only reservations about this team and our prospects grow outta how thin we are at so many positions. We have to sat healthy…..

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      2. Health has been a big issue the last two yrs…remember the wazzu game year before last? Tow got sick just before the flight, a receiver and lb run into each other during warmups, two more offensive linemen get hurt during the game, Carr gets hurt late in the game and Gustin was already out. Then last season for ASU we had 22 who were hurt or limited including Cam Smith, Porter and Tell. Yeah health is even more critical this season.

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  1. Two broken Collarbones in two years isn’t good for his morale. Hope the kid recovers quickly, but his physical intensity has to suffer. He doesn’t want a 3rd broken collarbone.


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    1. Just Owns,

      I am totally shocked that you showed that you do have a shred of decency in you. Wow, where did that come from? That was very nice of you.


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