Spring Practices Are Better . . . Every Year

If you go on twitter, it’s easy to find people saying, “the USC players say things are better now” during spring practice, as if everything is going to be better next season.

Go find any college spring practices and see if they say the workouts are worse or the new coach’s offense is terrible.

That is why I like to wait until the fall to judge things.

But let’s go back to last year.

Here is a Los Angeles Times quote from Scot Prohaska, who is JT Daniels‘ private QB coach: “It’s been frustrating that he hasn’t failed at anything, because I haven’t gotten to teach him those lessons.”

And here’s a quote from a Ringer story about Daniels from Greg Biggins, national recruiting analyst from 247Sports: ““If either (Matt Fink or Jack Sears) falters and JT gets in there, that will be it. Once JT gets in there, he’s not going to look back.”

These remarks were before Daniels took a college snap. I could find USC player quotes from spring practice the past 20 years that said things are better than the previous season too. That’s why the football field is the best judge.



12 thoughts on “Spring Practices Are Better . . . Every Year

  1. Scooter, you are mostly correct. However, there have been teams that were just a juggernaught team and everyone knew it was over before the season began. Just hand them the title. SC has had a few of those type of teams. We all know for sure that Thug U aka ruinville has never been in that situation. They have always had a loss or a tie in their unparrellal record of 80 years called futility, err football.

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      1. Owns if you believe the Bruins have turned things around then you must believe Michael Jackson was “just friends” with those Neverland kids also because this time the Bruins will fill up the gas tank to attend the coliseum only to leave at halftime when it’s another 50-0 game.


    1. The ruins had one bright shining moment 64 years ago, when they went undefeated and beat #7 SC 34-0, but then their coach Red Sanders died in the arms of a prostitute and they have be cursed ever since.

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    2. “we’ve surveyed hundred people. What college comes to mine when you hear THUG U?”




    1. He’s still not over all the noogies and wet willy’s that he recieved in school.

      That’s a guess but it looks like a 50/50 shot of being true.


  2. Spring Practice should lay the foundation that the Fall Practices build on.
    Fall Practices must continue the building ,which has not occurred the last few years. So, wolfie is correct and one must wait to see what develops ,if one wants an accurate assessment.


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