Coliseum Commission Hears Comments On Naming Rights Deal

It looks like the United Airlines naming rights deal with the Coliseum is not going away soon.

At today’s Coliseum Commission hearing, no decisions were made on what the commission would request but a lot of comments were delivered.

“I cannot imagine an airline wanting the name ‘memorial’ attached to the name of their airline. Just saying,” said one member of the public who spoke at the meeting.

Los Angeles city councilman Curren Price said he met with new USC president Carol Folt and expressed opposition to the “United Airlines Memorial Coliseum” name change.

“I have faith that USC and United Airlines will have an open mind and open heart as we move forward,” Price said.

USC also had supporters speak.

“We didn’t do anything when this stadium was falling apart & it was the L.A. Memorial Coliseum. USC is making this stadium worthy of the veterans who fought and died,” said one speaker who identified himself as a veteran.


3 thoughts on “Coliseum Commission Hears Comments On Naming Rights Deal

  1. The real issue is that gross malfeasance and stealing continued year after year under the City’s watch, as the Colesium crumbled. Anybody accountable for that? Garcetti? Villaraigosa?

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    1. You kidding? demoncrats responsible? “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor…” or sale of 20% of USA uranium deposits for a Russian conglomerate while her foundation gets a hefty contribution to their money laundering ‘….for the children’….non-profit ploy.

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  2. Since the original name of the stadium was in honor of veterans, that should never, ever be changed or removed.

    No amount of money should ever be able to erase that or bump the veterans down a notch.

    Tell the airline they can name a gate entrance or a women’s restroom after themselves. But the memorial name to veterans stays and will always get top billing. In perpetuity.

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