A Mistake-Free Spring For USC

You will probably read media reports today and tomorrow about Clay Helton saying USC had one penalty in 200 plays this week.

That is certainly impressive. And unprecedented.

Or is it?

USC had one penalty in an 84-play scrimmage before 23,000 at the Coliseum on April 16, 2016.

So one penalty in 84 plays in front of a big crowd at the Coliseum vs. one penalty in 200 plays before 50-100 fans at Howard Jones Field.

The turnaround is remarkable!

27 thoughts on “A Mistake-Free Spring For USC

    1. I agree. No joke, Clay deserves his due. It’s too bad that the guy at today’s presser wasn’t the guy who took over for Sark. Clay has grown up a lot. He doesn’t sound like a disc jockey who’s afraid of his listeners anymore. He’s not trying so hard to please. He seems like a tougher customer. And he seems to be seeing results on the field.


      1. helton has not changed ,if he had he would have admitted he lied for yrs about tough practices and developing a physical running team…you do not do that by skipping practices and having no pads and parade in shorts…has he admitted this ,NO…when he does then I may believe.

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    1. 67 —Three things occur as one listens to Helton in his post scrimmage presser. (1) If it’s true that he’s seeing a needed “improvement in the attitude of the starters on the o-line” under the direction of Drevno, why did he stick those poor guys with Callaway last year? Does he want us to believe that it really took him THAT long to see there was something wrong with the play of the o-line? Jumping off sides, dribbling the ball to the QB, being caught on camera laughing at repeated penalties —-this wasn’t enough to convince him there was a need for “an improvement in attitude” long before the 8th game of last season? (2) If all the QB’s look as good as he says they do, I think it’s time to start worrying about our secondary (which, of course, will be healthier by fall —but still…!) (3) If he feels the skill players are “finally” able to play fast and mistake free due to the simplified offense, why the hell did he add plays and complicate the offense when he took over from Tee?

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      1. Michael,

        Right on. I literally can think of no other reason that Callaway had a job is that he must have had something on Helton. After watching videos last year of Callaway being interviewed, I concluded that I have never seen a person who cared so little about their job or the people who were working for him.

        If I was the parent of one of the o-linemen, I would have demanded that they find someone competent to coach, if for no other reason to make sure the o-line could at least protect themselves.


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      2. 67 — So true. That’s exactly why I say Helton isn’t the “nice guy” people say he is. A nice guy would never inflict Callaway on his qb’s just cuz he was scared of hurting the guy’s feelings.

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  1. Helton doesn’t know shit! Wait until the season starts, Helton will be right back to his nervous, flustered, in way over his head, stupid ass self…without a chance in hell of being able to coach up the talent on the Trojans in order to make the team relevant.

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    1. Clay will screw it, no doubt about that. I have no faith in him at all.

      The hashtag for this year should be, if not today, but certainly when the season gets rolling is


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      1. Marvienna —I have no faith in him on game day either. But I think you’re overestimating his role this year.

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    2. tebow —- Ha! Neither of us will ever be able to get out of our heads that photo of Clay that Scott repeatedly runs. It’s the look we’ve seen on kids being bullied into jumping off the high dive or trying to duck a line drive at 3rd base. And, yes, people who get that look on their face as kids usually keep getting it the rest of the way. But, luckily, Clay is not gonna need to grow a pair before the season. He just needs to play the part of the new, tough disciplinarian at practice —-and leave everything to his coordinators come August 31st.

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  2. Games can be different- the adrenaline, intensity, adversity, momentum..Actually, not only are players going to have to be more disciplined, Helton himself will have to show that he can command the team and make in- game adjustments. Good start though.

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    1. The players —more than anybody —would love to see Clay wearing that “I got this” look on his face in Seattle or South Bend. He looked totally lost the last time he was in South Bend —-and don’t think that didn’t drain the oxygen outta the offense every time they came off the field.

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      1. you play as you have practiced…period
        that is why you practice hard to play hard…if you have good players,well coached by hard nosed been there done that coaches…the opponent does not matter…particularly if you practice against better athletes…1 vs 1

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  3. glad my 1st choice for last yr,Matt, is doing well…we needed a running q/b last yr and with a 1 back offense will need again,particularly with an ‘O’ line hopefully improving during fall camp and early seasons toughest games

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