Another Stop On The Lynn Swann Golf Tour

You already know Lynn Swann was in Virginia today for an autograph show.

But I just found out Swann was at the TPC at Sawgrass golf course in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla., on March 10. Swann was attending a charity golf tournament run by Jim Furyk, who has what sounds like a great foundation.

The charity event ran March 10-11 so Swann might have been there two days. Here’s a news article from the event that has a picture of Swann.

Remember, the college admissions scandal arrests were March 12. I assume Swann was at USC that day.

But who really knows where he is with his busy golf schedule. And don’t forget the Masters is coming soon.

This the nation’s highest-paid athletic director, folks.

9 thoughts on “Another Stop On The Lynn Swann Golf Tour

  1. Slow new weekend for Wolf. Instrwad of reporting on baseball and chick water polo he reverts to a continually beat up story on Swann golf. Give it a rest please.


  2. They are Trying to Make Lynn Swann a Scapegoat for Something Some Self Entitled MORON’S Did. Leave the Man alone.He has his life to Live.As well as the job he was Hired to do.The Haters saw a Opening and are on the Prowl for This man’s Good Name…..100%TROLLS and WORSE. (For these types of Class- A- Idiots it’s Business as Usual)


    1. What comedy central is laying writers off? Swann gets That is funny. $3.4 million a year.

      Swann is what he is – a lazy overpaid incompetent that fell into a bucket of gold courtesy of his predecessor.

      Now run along now – maybe – Mueller has something else to get the 4th estate interested.


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