How Was That USC Coaches’ Clinic?

I hear about 190 coaches attended the USC coaches’ clinic over the weekend. In past years, between 300-400 coaches would attend.

Imagine what attendance would have been if Rams coach Sean McVay was not a guest speaker?

  • USC basketball has added graduate transfer Quinton Adlesh from Columbia. He made 180 3-pointers last season and averaged 13 points, 2 rebounds, and 2 assists last season.
  • My first thought when I saw Adlesh’s photo was whether it was taken by Donna Heinel?


9 thoughts on “How Was That USC Coaches’ Clinic?

  1. Scottie with his ‘sources’ with the normal bad information. I was at the clinic, as a buddy of mine was a vendor at the clinic. They set up 280 chairs and actually had to bring in more, and had people standing in the back of the room. At the peak they had well over 330 people in the room. Get your facts/sources straight Mr. Snark…


    1. Good for you. Scott is full of bullshit 90% of the time on his “I hear” and “sources tell me.” And of course a real live beat reporter would actually cover in person an event like that. Wolf phones I from his W. Hollywood apartment.


    2. When I went to the Galen center for southern cal basketball game, there were 12,000 seats in the arena and people were standing around in the concourse….. so this must mean there were over 12,000 people at the game.
      Dummy just because there are seats doesn’t mean there are people sitting in it….. announced crowd was 2,200…. it was more like 1000.



  2. Funny you say that. Gary Klein, who used to cover USC for the LA Times, and now covers the Rams, even paid for attendance to cover Sean McVay, who spoke at the clinic. Gary is a very good journalist, and a tough, but fair writer. How about that, he paid for the clinic just to hear the coach he covers talk for an hour…


    1. Gosh “T- head,” really huge, an overflow crowd attends a Clown U Coaches Clinic to hear Sean McVay, not the warmup, seal act, bozo FB coaches.

      I’ll bet McVey got a LARGE FEE to show and saved the SUCCX Athletic Dept. a heap of no show FB Clinic embarrassment – LOL.


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