USC Afternoon Notes

I’m hearing there is skittishness within the athletic dept. over whether the college admissions scandal will spread to others?

One told me a USC employee was advised to work from home for awhile. That does not sound good.

Donna Heinel was pretty much the only one who handled admissions but did anyone else know about the large sums of money she deposited into certain accounts and ever ask any questions or know there were irregularities?

  • Lynn Swann is going to work five days this week. April Fools!
  • Colorado basketball coach Tad Boyle has most of his key players back and is upgrading the schedule.

“Next year, we haven’t announced everything, but we are upgrading our schedule significantly,” Boyle said. “We’re doing that because I believe in these guys.”

When will Andy Enfield ever believe in his guys enough to upgrade the schedule?

He has the nation’s No. 2-ranked recruiting class so when is a better time? Of course, then he might have to actually coach if he played good teams.

Right now, USC plays at Nevada (which lost most of its good players), at TCU and is supposed to play LSU on a neutral court. Where are the games with marquee teams like North Carolina, Duke or Kansas? USC’s played them before.

  • Arizona State’s baseball team is 25-1 but in second place in the Pac-12. That’s all you need to know about what USC is dealing with when it comes to baseball. And why Swann’s decision to simply not care is so deadly for the program.

14 thoughts on “USC Afternoon Notes

    1. Ken, USC is a complete mess right now, from the Board of Trustees on down, including the “big three” sports. Surely you are able to see this, aren’t you? What good news is there coming out of USC right now to report? Please don’t post something about women’s golf or the math club or Star Trek Club or whatever. What would you say is good news is there to report on sports that people actually pay to see and take interest in?

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      1. The whole world is a mess right now Chris but it does no good to only focus on what is wrong. If Scott is really inside USC maybe he can see something good now and again huh. Maybe?

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  1. Andyain’twinning’s only BB winning Pct. is against his carefully selected Cupcake teams for in the Barn games. But remember SUCCXster’s, Andyain’twinning lost at home vs a cupcake, Army 6′ 4″ and under team.



  2. Of course USC should upgrade its schedule, but Wolfie doesn’t seem to understand how the Big Teams like UNC/Duke/Kansas make their schedule. It takes two to tango.

    Look at Duke. They play in a lot of pre-season Invitational. Maui. The ACC-BigTen Challenge. The various “Champions” invitationals that occur in the East Coast and the Midwest. They always play two or three small Carolina schools a year, which helps support those schools programs because of the gate and the TV money. They always play an Ivy League school because Duke Alumni have very close connections with East Coast Ivy League Alumni. Duke Alumni is not nearly as strong here on the West Coast. There are 15 ACC teams, as opposed to the Pac-12’s 12. There is absolutely no incentive for Duke or Kansas or Carolina to schedule USC. No reason to travel out here. Recruiting? Duke/Kansas/UNC take who they want. Recruits come to them, not vica-versa. Money? Duke/UNC Kansas make money, USC needs some it. USC flying to the Garden or Indy to play in an Invitational? Why would those tournaments want USC. They have no basketball history, they aren’t a perennial powerhouse and they average less than 4K for home games. Their is little interest in USC Basketball in Los Angeles, let alone the rest of the country.

    If USC wanted to play Duke, I can imagine Coach K thinking “We’re very busy. Get better and get invited to some of the more prestigious Invationals Otherwise, Thanks but no thanks.”


    1. So when SC averaged less fans than they do now and DID play Duke and Kentucky and LSU etc, what was the excuse then ? Oh, they had coaches who weren’t pussies like Andy.

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    2. That’s funny , 20 years ago we managed to play North Carolina AND Duke in the same season, and we played Kansas 5 times in 13 years. Your excuses are lame.

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  3. Scottie….you have been railing on the Swann, the highest paid AD in the nation, on a daily basis for some time. I would love for you to interview him. Give him a chance to respond to your claims he does not work very much nor does he care about very much. I would love to see the interview. Swann told a bunch of boosters recently about how he starts his day at 4 am and then make the rounds. He claims to talk to each sport each day. I would love to know the truth. Maybe you could go undercover and trail his movements. How about some real reporting? Your constant criticism could be true, but I think it is more based on driving ratings than fact. Give Swann his chance to speak.

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    1. SC Fan, you must be thinking that Scottie has some dirt on Swann? Otherwise, the chance of Swann doing an interview with Scottie are zero.


    2. Enjoyed the comment —but if Scott does trail Swann, he won’t be getting much exercise [there is no way Swann talks to every sport every day —–are we supposed to believe that he really meets with these losing coaches every day and says “how do you always manage to lose games after building a lead?” or “I don’t see the preferred walk ons we admitted —are they out sick today?” Wouldn’t that get old if you did it EVERY day (without getting an answer)?

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  4. I’m guessing that will be Heinel’s move, until proven otherwise, as to why and where the money she accepted went…making herself the ‘benefactor’ for largesse to other USC programs when there was no place nor a person to turn to.

    As of today she is the singularly most corrupt individual that was swept up although Meredith got $860K for his antics at Yale.

    Anyone this witch touched is going to be, culpable or not, guilty by association to her – she’ll make sure of that. “Well my gosh I certainly thought after 18 mos. that someone would wonder where this money I was giving them came from. Why don’t you look into Mr. soandso or Ms. nobody


  5. I will believe they are the #2 class when it shows on the court. You know
    that Duke, UNC, Kentucky, Michigan St. & now Gonzaga gets the best.


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