USC Morning Buzz: Does Height Matter For QBs Anymore?

Last summer, a USC source told me they had a conversation with a Mater Dei coach, who said Bryce Young was better than JT Daniels.

At the time it sounded crazy.

Daniels was a demi-god and Young was a 7-on-7 star (like Daniels) who had not yet thrown a pass for Mater Dei.

But it’s more plausible today, mainly because Daniels looked like nothing special last season. So that gives Young a chance. Last weekend, Young led his team to the title at an Adidas national tournament.

I don’t really care about 7-on-7. I think that was one of the reasons Daniels was so inflated, because he never faced much of a live rush in high school.

Young’s stock seems to be at an all-time high right now, which is good for USC.

But go down to the tweet at the bottom of this entry and look at the picture. The other QB (Harrison Bailey) is 6-foot-4. That matters for something, doesn’t it?

  • Joshua Eaton, a three-star cornerback from Aldine, Texas, is transferring to Mater Dei. USC has already offered Eaton so the recruiting services will have even more reason to suck up to him now.
  • Former USC defensive lineman Kenny Bigelow did 32 reps on the benchpress at West Virginia’s Pro Day. That would have been the fifth-best mark for a defensive lineman at the NFL combine.
  • The Los Angeles Times covered Lynn Swann‘s autograph signing in Virginia. That’s two issues now we have caused to go into the mainstream media. The other was his many golf trips. No one would have cared about Swann at this autograph event without repeated mentions here and on twitter.
  • The news of the story is the Board of Trustees and senior administrators discussed university governance issues at a retreat in Santa Barbara last weekend that Swann did not attend.
  • A federal judge declined to approve USC’s $215 million settlement with Dr. George Tyndall’s victims. The judge had several issues that need to be worked out before granting approval to the settlement.


12 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Does Height Matter For QBs Anymore?

  1. Two things are needed by a quarterback; a good arm and a quick mind. Spud Web wasn’t tall enough for basketball but he had the ability and desire to play. Height is an advantage but not enough to say it’s important.
    In the eyes of the fans Daniels wasn’t ready he was under coached and unprepared. He has the material for a good quarterback but not the teaching of a good quarterback. I’m not sure if that’ll change this season.

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    1. We won’t know if Daniels has the stuff to succeed this season until we see him under the pressure applied by Tedford and Shaw. And by “stuff” I’m not referring to the two assets you mentioned (good arm and quick mind). I’m positive he has those. And I’m not referring to the quality of assistance he’ll get from our very fine QB coach either. When I mention “stuff” I’m referring to what it would mean for him to have a well coached and motivated receiving corps and o-line out there on the field with him. I’m not at all positive J.T. will have those things going for him.

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      1. I agree Mike. We can say JT this and JT that, but the reality is the team around him didn’t do a thing for him either with thr exception of St. Brown. He’s the QB and the fall is on him, but this is still a team game where i think he became a product of his environment. Monkey see, monkey do.

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      2. Agreed, Sam —-and there seems to be a whole new, positive attitude building up around Harrell. [Anyone listening could tell from Cam Smith’s exit interview that the team had lost respect for Helton and were in desperate need for energetic leadership]. Team enthusiasm alone won’t make up for the continued presence of several very average position coaches but it’ll get us off to a better start —-and we’ll see if we can go from there.


  2. I hope the judge adds another $251 million on to the bill. SC knowingly allowed this to happen. It is time to clean house at SC. Get rid of the new president and bring in the Northwestern guy. he would do a great job.

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  3. But, pt, the new president’s job is NOT to clean house AND to help ensure that it appears USC did NOT knowingly allow anything untoward to happen…..


  4. If the blogger believes his blog is influential enough to push stories into the mainstream, then he should do a piece on how USC is ignoring local and other California kids in order to bring more foreign students, mostly from Asia.

    It is an absolute disgrace that Max thinks ignoring local and California kids is the way to go. There are alot of highly qualified California students who want to stay in CA but are instead forced to go to school out of state. USC is the dream for alot of these students but their 4.0+ G.P.A. high test scores and other attributes just ain’t good enough for Max.



    1. Another racist southern cal rah rah shows it’s true color! Why don’t you build a wall in the pacific ocean? Stop those Asians in their track!

      #racist #southerncal


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