Lynn Swann’s Calendar

OK, I’ve put together a list of Lynn Swann‘s confirmed visits exclusive to golf courses this year. Maybe someone can forward it to new USC president Carol Folt, in case she wants her administrators to actually work.


  • Augusta National Golf Club


  • Pebble Beach
  • Riviera Country Club
  • Wilshire Country Club


  • TPC Sawgrass


  • Masters (scheduled)

5 thoughts on “Lynn Swann’s Calendar

  1. Nice that we’re paying this a-hole all this money to go play golf. Sounds like he’s really into the Board of Trustees now.


    1. Get off Lynn’s back, ok? He’s entitled to have a life —a life without pressure or worry —-a life full of shallow friendships and entitlement and a never ending flow of USC cash. [Apparently, Pat Haden explained the rules of the game to Lynn on the way out the door]…….


  2. Today’s LA Times sports section has a blistering day-by-day of clowns like Swann doing the ‘dialing for dollars’ autograph clown act that Swann attended. Only thing left is teaming up with Steve Garvey with joint motivational sales pitches for ‘chastity’.

    It is a great put down of this worthless piece of filth


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