USC Projected Win Total Sinks Again

Three weeks ago, USC’s over/under regular-season win total was 8.5 according to

Within an hour, it sank to 7.5.

But now Odds Shark has USC’s over/under at 7.


10 thoughts on “USC Projected Win Total Sinks Again

  1. If Helton can sit on his hands, keep his mouth shut and stay out of sight (except for ceremonial events that have nothing to do with football), USC can easily surpass 7 wins.

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  2. I doubt that the team will get seven wins. Not enough talent and not enough good coaching. The fewer wins the better. This is the only way to get rid of Helton and Lynn Swann, unless the NCAA sanctions get to the two of them before the loses add up.

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    1. As more info comes out about Heienel and her scam, I dont see how Swann gets a pass and keeps his job. This happened right under his nose.


  3. I’ll bet that makes you extremely happy Scott. You don’t have to work when you can just ridicule and repeat what other people say right?


  4. not knowing if helton is really on admin leave and a head coach in name only,I would say 7-8 wins is optimistic…if he has been gagged and handcuffed they may win 9-10…they must prepare with real scrimmages and practices,not just dance around in shorts…the teams they face have real coaches and real athletes who want to rumble.

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    1. Exactly right, Tim. Helton got away with his “you’re a damned good football team!” and “I swear, I love you guys to death!” spiels for a couple of years before virtually everybody on the team started yearning for someone with some actual charisma and gravitas to lead them onto the field. If Helton wants to leave a winner, the formula is real simple—- let the players alone & let Harrell let the team loose….


  5. If Helton stays committed to J.T. Daniels for the season and Daniels makes it through without injury…the Trojans will be lucky to win 6 games.

    If the Trojans come to their senses early enough in the season and they go with Sears or this Slovis kid, they could win 9 games.


  6. Given that the QB race does not indicate one candidate way better than the others, one would think that if you are going to go for the most games won, you would start a running QB. The drop off in passing would not be that great but the upside in running would be. But that is not how Helton thinks. He has to have someone who loves him in part because H was a QB coach before. Hey, even if you were just thinking strategically, you would start JTD first half and Sears second half against Fresno State so that the next opponents wouldn’t know who you were going with. Might as well start some of those “development project” players if you aren’t going to go for wins (Martin, Betiku, Douglas, etc.); or start a blind QB as a social work project and ask opponents to wear eye masks to make it even. Who wants to win after all? We just want them to graduate and never go to the Nirvana Football League.


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