Why Is USC Spring Showcase Saturday?

Why is USC having it’s spring scrimmage, excuse me, spring showcase on Saturday when it will still practice three more times after that?

Remember, the spring scrimmage was always at the Coliseum the final day of spring drills.

Well, the “showcase” as it is now called, is not really a scrimmage because Clay Helton doesn’t like to do a full scrimmage. Instead, it is a glorified practice.

But back to the date. I hear it is Saturday to accomodate the Pac-12 Network. The network has actual spring games from Utah, Stanford and Arizona on April 13.

So it moved USC’s glorified practice to April 6.

  • Meanwhile, why is secondary coach Greg Burns (below) wearing his USC hat and sweatshirt from the Pete Carroll era? Is it an attempt to remind everyone of the glory days? He wasn’t exactly a vital cog of that period but none of the current players know that.


6 thoughts on “Why Is USC Spring Showcase Saturday?

  1. Right now any tie to the Pete.Carroll glory days is an asset. If it makes the kids practice harder, train more, and study more film to get the kids thinking that the goal should be to COMPETE, then I am all for having ties to the past

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  2. SCooter,

    the answer is because he can. Why do you wear your pull over pajamas with the flap in the back from the Pete Carroll era? Because you can.


  3. I think it’s cool that Coach Burns is wearing his old Pete Carroll stuff…


  4. DB was Carroll’s forte and he was a guru at that. Burns is a DB coach. Connect the dots. Are you willing to grow, change, expand your horizons, SW? Or, are you becoming crustier with each passing day?


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