As Predicted, The Strength Program Is Way Better!

I always say I have never seen a new strength coach come to USC and heard anyone say he wasn’t better than the predecessor.

“The intensity is a lot higher, man it was a rude awakening,” tailback Markese Stepp said about Aaron Ausmus.

Now, I was one of the first and loudest critics of previous strength coach, Ivan Lewis.

But I’m curious if anyone was singing the praises of Ausmus when he was Lane Kiffin‘s strength coach at USC? I don’t remember them doing it.

The current players were not around obviously. But there is a small group of USC fans who are so desperate for something to pin their hopes on for next season, now they point to comments like those above. But they never said a word about Ausmus seven-or-eight years ago. F-a-n-s.


6 thoughts on “As Predicted, The Strength Program Is Way Better!

  1. So not true. The fittest of the fit were singing Aaron’s praises!
    George Farmer!
    Aundrey Walker!
    Cyrus Hobbi!

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  2. I guess we could all just kick rocks all day. I don’t mind thinking the all of the coaches are upgrades. I also don’t mind being a F-a-n.

    I would mind having to wear soccer club sweatshirts though.

    Scott, please go tell Ausmus he is no good at his job.

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    1. Ha! [It’s one thing for us fans to get over-excited every spring —-but what about all the beat reporters who go into annual depression when our receivers and tailbacks don’t look the same when they’re playing in a real game]?


  3. Well it is uplifting news of a sort.(see whatI did there?) Not Scott’s forte for sure.
    I read that the team mentality has changed from last season, however there was no excuse for letting the team get lax at preparation in the first place.
    One of these days I am going to read that team was able dominate a high school B team. Although that would be an improvement it’s not enough. To play with the big kids the whole team needs to become big kids.


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