Lynn Swann Keeps Athletic Dept. Guessing

Things are so bad at USC that athletic dept. employees are talking to each other more about whether Lynn Swann will be on campus next week or really go to the Masters than who starts at quarterback.

If you want to imagine what a Swann coaching search might look like, this could be it:

  • Offer John Calipari less money than he makes at Kentucky.
  • Try to get TCU to lower its $8 million buyout for Jamie Dixon.

It all might work out in the end, but the process is painful. This is exactly how Swann replacing Clay Helton would go, except Swann probably isn’t savvy enough to go after a Calipari or Dixon.

  • Chris Darden, who is best known as being a prosecutor in the O.J. Simpson trial, is representing Eric Holder, who is charged with the murder of Nipsey Hussle.

5 thoughts on “Lynn Swann Keeps Athletic Dept. Guessing

  1. Oh ‘that’ Eric Holder….I thought you were referring to Marc Rich’s paid for flunkey ‘bag man’ who ‘walked’ that payoff over to Cousin Bill to get the biggest tax cheat in the history of the USA a pardon….demoncrats man then there was his ‘fast and furious’ move…oh well birds of a feather


  2. Employees in the athletic department: Who is the bald headed black dude with the semi beard? Other one says, I have never seen him. Then they both get back to work.


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