Spring Showcase Saturday!

Don’t expect this glorified practice to prove too much if you are in attendance or watching the too-enthusiastic Pac-12 Network coverage.

It’s better to be here at Cromwell Field in person because otherwise you hear Yogi Roth sound like nothing is wrong with the Trojans.

On the other hand, USC security is telling people not to have their cell phones out  . . . for some reason.

Markese Stepp had a long TD run and Matt Fink has made a few nice throws in the “showcase.”

The defense looked clueless on Stepp’s TD, by the way.

Freshman defensive lineman Drake Jackson intercepted a Jack Sears pass for a pick six. The video is below.

Clay Helton compared Jackson to Leonard Williams after the scrimmage.

One thing that hasn’t changed: The two starting offensive tackles did not participate. Helton said Jalen McKenzie hyperextended his elbow and Austin Jackson did not play because of personal reasons.

Former USC cornerback Jack Jones was among those who showed up for the game.



25 thoughts on “Spring Showcase Saturday!

  1. I’ll watch Pac 12 Network for ya, Scott —and report back after it’s over. Wait. I can report back for you already: J. T. looked really confused. All the players looked out of shape —except for Sears, who looked like a Greek God.

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    1. I read somewhere, MG, that they were going to limit what they do with the O and the D- they didn’t want to show their hand too much as the PAC 12 network was there. This also falls in line with what Herrell said (that having limited WR they couldn’t do as many 4 receiver sets as they’d like.). The O- line was missing their 1st and 2nd team OTs (Jackson, MacKenzie, Shirmir, and Bradley) so the O-line will be better than last year. Could they get any worse.? Hey, overall, I have to be optimistic. I’m only 46 years old and am going to hold out – from being negative and bitter- as long as I can. What is your secret, my friend?


  2. Markese Stepp just scored, McGhghy. He’s faster than I thought. O-Line looks same as last year —causing the QB’s to rush their throws.
    #EverybodyLooksSlimmedDown….Except ForDrevno

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      1. Stepp looks like the real thing —which is good cuz, sadly, I don’t think Carr is. Fink just threw a lazy interception (which was returned for a touchdown with Fink chasing). And your guy, Sears, just threw a beautiful T.D. to John Jackson (which should make his ailing Dad proud).
        Scott was on the money with his comments re the defense on the Stepp run. As a matter of fact, they haven’t looked special on stopping the run all day.

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  3. It’s over, guys. USC looks marginally better than they did last spring —-of course, last spring led to a 5-7 record.

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    1. Oh well, they tried…it’s Spring…I’m relatively happy, so I hope they improve….Hapoy Easter! And, on the third day, He arose! Our only chance at redemption…thank you, Jesus!

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      1. Maybe I was expecting too much out of “Air Raid” offense , 67. I was looking forward to multiple receivers blowing by defenders —but what I saw was each quarterback locking onto a single receiver —until he got a little bit of separation—-and then firing the ball to him. It looked like last year’s offense. Nothing complicated, nothing innovative. Helton said everything went so much “faster” —but it didn’t feel that way.
        Interesting fact —Pac 12 Network announced at the start that over the last 3 years, USC scoring has decreased each year while USC’s defense has allowed more points each year. That can’t be right, can it?!

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  4. Coach Helton said “To be honest with you (Note: He starts EVERY sentence with that phrase), I wish the season began tomorrow. We’re ready.”

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    1. People didn’t exactly roll out the red carpet for Jesus, either….goodness, they still don’t. It’s part of bearing your cross ✝️ Fight On!


      1. no red carpet, but one time they did lay out a bunch of palm leaves.

        Scott is not welcome because of his own doing. It’s his fault.


      2. They soon hung Him on a cross…drove nails into His hands, thrust a spear in His side and crowned Him with thorns….those same people watched it all…


    1. Ha! [There wasn’t ONE minute of real football today. Next week the Pac 12 Network will broadcast the Spring Games of 4 other programs and I’ll bet it will be the same story as last year —-they’ll all look further along than we are]…..
      I think it’s a huge mistake for Helton to keep acting so pleased with himself and the team. He’s really sending the wrong message to a team that needs to be pushed a LOT harder & requires a LOT more work…..


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