Double Duty For Lynn Swann?

It looks like Jamie Dixon is staying at TCU.

Like I said, this seach is how I envision Lynn Swann looking for a football coach.

Didn’t UCLA know Dixon’s buyout was $8 million?

Didn’t they want Dixon enough to pay it?

Why would TCU ever lower the buyout?


19 thoughts on “Double Duty For Lynn Swann?

  1. Scottie, you are on the money. That timeline of events would be Swann. And it is also Guerrero.

    bruins made a big mistake in firing Howland, they made an enormous mistake in hiring Alford. Now they are just another .500 Pac-12 team.

    It turns out that the lifetime mvp of bruins hoops was Sam Gilbert, the mobster who provided the Wooden teams with whatever they needed: clothes, stereos, car loans, abortions for their girlfriends…

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    1. UCLA 11 BB NC’s

      bozo u 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000forever.

      #Better to be a .500 team than the 2018 – 19 Clown U BB program:

      Conf: 8 – 10

      Overall: 16 – 17

      ****No one knows what to say in the loser’s locker room.

      ~Muhammad Ali


  2. As I recall Wolfster, you and the Clown u FB fan base were ecstatic, spinning on your thumbs, because St. Pat paid a huge buyout premium to steal Sark from U-Dub.

    What’s hilarious is U-Dub would have paid St. Pat to take Sark the Alky off their hands.

    Scotty auld stick, don’t you find it odd that Swann isn’t sweating the avalanche of criticism from you and Rah-Rah’s on your blog.

    As I write Wolf, Swann is swanning about Augusta, Ga enjoying the 2019 Masters festivities @ Clown U’s expense, while you sit at your reserved table at the local der Wienerschnitzel finishing off your 5 Chili dogs for $5.00 order.



    1. Here’s the sad part. If you guys get Mick Cronin it will be an incredible upgrade and he would immediately take the basketball program back to top of the conference. If you land Lorenzo Romar, it would be laughable. We shall see.


      1. The more pathetic part is having this fool post here incessantly because 1. he has our school as an obsession to hate in his life and his life has no other purpose.

        Oh yeah Guerrero is almost as bad a Swann but nothing tops their (bel-air tech) paying top $ for Kelly as well as their offer of $43 million for 6 yrs to Petrino and suddenly can’t pay off Dixon’s buyout ($8.5 mil) because they just paid off Mora’s ($12 mil).

        Crank up the ‘ceremony declaring the peckerwood as god’


  3. I’m confused am I supposed to be concerned? I really don’t think Lynn Swann is going to conduct a coaching search. He doesn’t have the gravitas to fire anyone or remove himself from the situation. USC athletics are the literal definition of the blind leading the blind and Scott is their patron saint.


  4. where is the ‘who gives a rats ass’ button??? or at least a vote up or down button? some posts are not worth replying too,why? only a fool bothers with a fool…aka…asshole that’s full of himself.


  5. Imagine if the ruins had a real AD instead of Dan Guerrero, the Affirmative Action hire, who in his first big decision picked Karl Dorrell over Mike Riley? It’s been all downhill since. They might be dominating the Pac 12 if they had picked Gene Bleymeier, who made Boise State a respected football powerhouse. Instead, they have a clown who makes Lynn Swann look almost competent.

    Why would Dan Guerrero fire Alford without having a replacement lined up with pen in hand ready to sign a 5 year contract? Instead John Calipari played them for chumps to get a lifetime contract extension from KY. Guerrero burned his bridges and lost Alford’s blue chip recruiting pipeline for nothing. Now the ruins will have to settle for some second rate head coach who will be lucky to beat out Cal for 2 star recruits.

    Ruin football and men’s basketball have sunk to new lows and empty stadiums under Chianti Dan’s reign of error. Yet Chancellor Blockhead loves him because he is politically correct. The ruins should just drop football and men’s basketball like the University of Chicago did 80 years ago and end the agony.

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    1. Whoa, 22 we do agree that Danny Guerrero sucks. But chances are DG isn’t swanning about the 2019 Masters Tournament festivities searching for or posing for photo ops.

      UCLA Athletic program success continues to thrive, though DG has, in fact, screwed the pooch on a number of fronts. But, DG hasn’t fired an employee on an Airpor tarmac; conducted contract negotiations in a Seattle dive bar juiced on dbl. fireballs; nor have the Bruins been nailed with NCAA sanctions; not one UCLA Asst. Coach has pleaded guilty in Federal Court to illegally steer bozo team members to bribe-paying sports reps.

      It’s a fact UCLA’s men’s soccer coach was involved in the recent university admission scandal, however, not anywhere near the extent of Clown U’s admission for donation mill/Rico Operation. “Nicky Squid” certainly knows a lucrative $$$$ scam to pumping $$$$ to the Nicky Fund.

      But the real difference betwixt a Bruin grad and a zero life, bozo FB, rah-rah 22 is Bruin grads don’t religiously sleep with their OJ autographed FB.


  6. Yo missing link somehow utters a

    Just like your football team – 0 for forever.

    But neither has bozo u won a regulation NCAA competitive playoff FB NC; You know like Clemson or Alabama.

    The FB NC’s Clown U boast of were all voted, i.e. not sanctioned by the NCAA in competitive playoffs. With enough cash spread, any undeserving FB wannabe can win an FB opinion/election.

    Oh and then there’s Clown U FB 1930’s NC that Emperor Garrett, the bozo AD, unilaterally/arrogantly awarded SUCCX because, well just because…….!



    1. You really need to freshen your incredibly tired retort. They were all voted a hole. So we take away all the Alabama, Notre Dame, Michigan, USC titles because there was no playoff so they don’t count. You have been spouting the same bullshit for years. Still, UCLA O for forever in FB.

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      1. Missing Link the debate isn’t whether UCLA is O for the current NCAA sanction Div. 1 FB playoffs. That fact is true, but it’s also true SUCCX FB is also Ofer in the current NCAA playoff system.

        But it doesn’t prove UCLA didn’t deserve a voted NC just because UCLA didn’t garner enough votes.

        The SUCCX FB reputation is built of wet moldy cardboard, cheap braggadocio and voter payoffs.

        UCLA (2 – 8) 34
        SUCCX 27



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