USC Rumor Mill

There’s been a narrative that USC’s recruiting staff is short-handed and it is unfair competing against SEC schools, which have a larger staff. One complaint is USC employees are overworked.

But I’ve heard from several sources that one reason USC is losing valuable employees is because a lot of resentment built up in the dept. because Clay Helton has played favorites and given everything to one person instead of treating everyone equally.

Gee, that doesn’t sound like Helton. Playing favorites? Is JT Daniels working in the recruiting dept. too?

Anyways, disgruntled people look for greener pastures. Especially when one person gets treated better than everyone else.

Let me know when you find a dept. at USC that is not dysfunctional.


6 thoughts on “USC Rumor Mill

  1. Can you find something else to talk about Wolf? You are like an irritating broke record. Day after day after day. You are supposed to be a journalist, come up with a new slant, a proposed solution. Find some answers instead of the same old bullshit.

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  2. Flow, if that’s the case about disgruntled people, then it seems to me you’ve been looking for “greener pastures” for the past two decades. No?


  3. I bet on landscape/maintenance Depts and SC Security/Police being efficient/effective and do their jobs; and I guarantee they are over worked and short handed 24×7…period
    All the rest ? dominated by subjective rationalism…not hard worker among’em…just spoiled and over paid.


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