Three Biggest Questions For USC

I wrote a preview of USC for the Sporting News and here are my three questions that must be answered going into the 2019 season.


10 thoughts on “Three Biggest Questions For USC

  1. Good job, Scott! Way to represent….don’t know why Sporting News doesn’t hire you on a regular basis, for a variety of coverages across America.

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    1. Seriously? Because of the way he has covered USC? He’s a one trick pony with little talent other than poking at USC and their fan base. Other coaches throughout the country would catch wind of his schtick pretty quickly, he has burned all of his bridges. This is his bed and he has to lay in it.

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      1. Is Scott snarky? All the time. Does he take cheap shots? Absolutely. But —due to the fact he apparently doesn’t need to be loved —-he’s also the guy who’s first to ring the alarm on pretenders. While the other folks are busy saying what they feel they’re supposed to say, Scott’s wondering out loud about the wisdom of hiring Sark or promoting Helton or starting Browne or retaining Swann, etc. Nobody should complain about him pointing out what we loyal Trojan fans would probably like to wish away. [I think where Scott gets into trouble with you and other readers is when he posts something even he doesn’t believe (the whole team is behind Sears for quarterback) just to get the conversation going. But that’s a small price to pay in return for him generating such a well frequented forum of smart fans with opinions].

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      2. 3 point shooters don’t have to be close to the basket to score. Likewise, Scott’s coverage doesn’t have to be at practice everyday to interpret what can be seen on Saturdays. It benefits candid views, because he’s not necessarily beholden to the powers at play.

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  2. well I don’t agree with all he writes, but this article incl the most important aspect …is helton ‘the decider’ if he is kiss the season goodbye…good article wolfie.

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    1. Agreed, Tim. We all have hope that this is the season Helton takes a big step back from trying to coach the team. He needs to save his adrenaline for depositions and interrogatories, anyway.

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      1. and at least wolfie doesn’ spend his entire article quoting helton every line…these other SC writers are cramming him down our throats along with jt this and jt that…it seems they believe he has not stepped aside and the q/b situation is anything but wide open, and helton is still in charge

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  3. I was hoping one of the three questions would be if USC will open the gates to the student section earlier on game day. Maybe that’s one of the keys to beating their opponents this coming year.
    Let Graham coach up the players this year and let CH let the players play.


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