If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

If you are a regular reader of my blog, this will not surprise you.

I was told Thursday night that USC athletic director Lynn Swann is already at Augusta National Golf Club, his second trip to the golf course in 2019.

Swann’s official reason for being at Augusta is that three USC golfers are participating in the Augusta National Women’s Amateur tournament that started Wednesday. He is a supervisor of the USC women’s golf program, of course.

If Swann stays for the Masters, he will spend anywhere from 7-10 days at Augusta. And that comes after his trip last weekend to an autograph show in Virginia.

“While on this brief weekend trip back East, I was constantly connected with people at our university,” Swann said in his statement Tuesday.

Is Swann going to be in constant contact with “people” this weekend and beyond? I wonder how new president Carol Folt feels about the athletic director’s chutzpah?

This would be viewed as insane at virtually any other school. My research shows Swann’s visited Augusta, Pebble Beach, Riviera Country Club, Wilshire Country Club, TPC Sawgrass and now Augusta again on USC’s dime in 2019. And these are just the trips I know about.

When will it end?

  • Remember how Clay Helton said USC had only one penalty in 200 plays last week? During Thursday’s practice, USC had four penalties during the same punt return drill. Thanks, John Baxter!
  • I think it is safe to say the spring quarterback derby is really close. It would be really surprising to see a starter named after four more practices, mainly because Graham Harrell should want more time to evaluate. Clay Helton needs no time because he wants JT Daniels to start.
  • Swann made it clear in his statement this week he did not appreciate former linebacker Riki (Gray) Ellison‘s comments criticizing him in the Los Angeles Times. I wondered if Ellison would respond? He did post this message on facebook without mentioning anyone specific: “If you can’t stand up for what is ethically wrong in leadership of what you care about, you then tolerate it, you then condone it and you accelerate the degradation of the culture you care about.”
  • The irony with Ellison is that he strongly supported Swann’s decision to bring back Helton this year.
  • After wearing an old hat and sweatshirt from the Pete Carroll era during Tuesday’s practice, secondary coach Greg Burns wore a new hat and sweatshirt on Thursday.
  • USC baseball has to play three games with Arizona State at Dedeaux Field this weekend. The Sun Devils are 25-2.
  • Former San Jose State guard Noah Baumann has narrowed his choices to USC, Grand Canyon and UC Santa Barbara. He averaged 10.6 points and made 46 percent of his 3-pointers last season.



12 thoughts on “If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

  1. All hail Lord Protector of the Commonwealth Lynn Swann …. hus mentor was HRH Barakska Chevrolet….king of the golf course and both co-writers of that song “Linkin’ USA”.

    Truly what a worthless POF this back end of a horse ‘Swannie’ is

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  2. I am sure 3 women college golfers need a TON of supervising. You know how wild they can get. Lay off” Country Club Lynn” and cut him a break!
    The man works hard at hardly working.


  3. As much as I dislike the job Swann has done at USC, if I was a member at Augusta I would be at the Masters. It is one of the great events in all of sports and you don’t have to be a golfer to appreciate it. That said, Swann has certainly abused his privilege by golfing everywhere this spring. As I mentioned before, it will take a long time for the new Prez to get to Swann. Way too many other fish to fry with all the multitude of scandals the school is involved in. Swann will keep doing what he is doing because he is too stupid to understand the consequences of his acts. He is the worst hire known to man.

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    1. That’s not his decision to make not in this complete implosion of the university and he the highest paid employee ($3.4 mil p/yr) – ‘blank’ ‘the Masters’ if that ‘hoe down’ is more important than the job he was hired for ‘blank’ it and all the clowns who worship it to the indifference towards their obligation….so sick of the elitists and their ‘to the hunt’ idiocy (only so much time for my bucket list of ….).


  4. Nothing new about the Baxter situation. He’s a great story teller, a fun travelling companion for Helton, a special teams magician who can come up with novelty plays that actually work once in a while —–and as undisciplined a coach as you’ll ever find. In short, he’s a mixed bag —and Helton excuses all the penalties that accompany his uneven approach to coaching football…..


      1. As Clay has often said, “Baxter’s not a detail guy.” Getting 11 men on the field for EACH & EVERY extra point try is one of those “details” Baxter hasn’t mastered……


  5. I supported Lynn Swann, too. But, not anymore. What changed? Watching his subordinates indicted, which he has a vicarious liability for, whether he was aware of the scheme or not. Pile on the bad public perception, the priority becomes clear.


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