Where Are The USC Fans?

Saturday’s faux scrimmage was a chance for fans to come out and see the football from the comfort of the track stadium, which seats 3,000.

And yet look at all the empty seats in the photo of Drake Jackson below. The fans are rightfully skeptical about going to watch USC play. There are some good signs like Graham Harrell running the offense with no involvement from Clay Helton.

But to really convince the fans, there will need to be results in the fall.



16 thoughts on “Where Are The USC Fans?

  1. If it’s USC 35, Fresno State 7 on Saturday, August 31st, there won’t be any trouble with attendance from then on…..

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      1. both…
        this spring fling ,no real scrimmage=zero accomplished and precursor to a zero fall and season…hope I am wrong.
        Fresno plays real football…the SC of old at times struggled against them,but if a miracle occurs and helton is relegated to the cheap seats ….maybe, just maybe…the talent is there and has been the last 15 years…the coaches must develop these athletes to play as a machine.

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      2. Tim —Yeah, there’s some truth in your assessment. A lot of truth, actually. The o-line looks every bit as bad as it did last spring —I don’t know how they’re gonna be holding up by the time we get to Washington and Notre Dame (back to back away games). So why am I optimistic anyway? I’m hoping that Clay plays a very limited role —not only in coaching the offense—- but in pregame and halftime discussions. It’s not that he doesn’t know a lot about football in general—it’s that he doesn’t know how to exploit our strengths or the other team’s weaknesses. His head just isn’t in the game —he doesn’t see when the middle of the field is ours for the taking (as it was against Stanford and Arizona State), he doesn’t see when our quarterback needs to just hand off on second down cuz he just got his bell rung on first down, he consistently gets less aggressive when he reaches the other team’s 25 yard line (as though he’s afraid of the endzone), etc., etc. In short, he lacks killer instinct. Take him out of the equation and I believe the sky’s the limit for this team [because I believe Graham Harrell is everything Clay’s not —and I think the team can easily feel the difference in energy and genuine, honest-to-God enthusiasm between the two].

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    1. Michael,

      With all due respect to you, and it is my opinion, but I think it will take all season to rebuild the fan base. If SC has one loss then the Thug U aka ruinville game will be mostly sold out. If they have three losses. They will attract around 60 k. U know ugly won’t bring anyone

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  2. I’m a big Drake Jackson fan…In fact, I called him out last September right here on this blog when he was in high school…took me a few minutes to assess that lol…remember, Scott? I commented on the Corona Centennial vs Orange Lutheran game…I said, “Drake Jackson, i’ll take him.” One thing I learned, having to sit and watch others at USC, was talent…you see enough of it up close, you get it…In fact, it even inspired Pudly76 video boy to post one on him, after he watched a replay of the same game….✌️Ahhh, life’s good…we’re still gonna have to deal with the young qb out of Cajon San Bernardino , whom Herm Edwards has at ASU incoming this year, Jayden Daniels 6’3” can fly!

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    1. And, I never went to one of his practices, didn’t have any pryor knowledge of him, just watched the tv….lol…tape don’t lie.


      1. So, when people tell you you’re not at practice and don’t know what you’re talking about, let’em talk, they’re bsers…


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