Things Got Ugly At Volleyball Game


12 thoughts on “Things Got Ugly At Volleyball Game

    1. It appears Trojan fan, in the front row at Galen, was giving the business to the Bruin ballers, for a protracted period of time. Thus, the large bald, powder blue boy in the crosstown hat, took exception. became stimulated, and began to move in. The man in black poured water on it. Game over.

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      1. Thank you for the explanation. BTW, that is what Trojan and tickle me pink (ruin) fans are supposed to do. Then I see two ruinville volleyball players wanting to go after the kid. Real classy Thug U aka ruinville players.


  1. the results of the v/ball and b/ball do belong here…not that fans yell a lot or opposing sides do not like each other, we know that…it isn’t golf …correct?


    1. Perhaps Absentee AD Lynn Swann should abstain from golf until he can properly delegate the responsibility to keep proper security and crowd management for minor sports .


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