Lynn Swann On Masters’ Hospitality Committee

In case you were unsure if Lynn Swann was making his annual trip to the Masters, he is listed on the tournament website as a member of the hospitality committee.

So does this mean Swann will spend about 10 days in Georgia since he has been there since last week for a women’s tournament? I’m sure he is monitoring events at USC closely.


7 thoughts on “Lynn Swann On Masters’ Hospitality Committee

  1. Most CEO’s would be fired within 24 hours for issuing a public statement to the effect of: “I am absent from my job —-busily pursuing other, unrelated interests —-but everybody rest assured that I am periodically monitoring what goes on back home. In my absence I authorize Coach Helton to pick up, sign and deposit my checks in my Wells Fargo Savings Account, Account # 666.”

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    1. He’s single handily redefining the phrase: “mailing it in”……..I don’t see how anyone at USC tolerates it. Who cares, anymore, what the explanation is. We see, so does the country. I vote “no confidence.” He did it to himself.

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  2. P.S. From Lynn —
    “While I’m away I’m asking that all staff do their best to stay within federal, state and NCAA regulations. No one will be monitoring, so you are on your honor.”

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  3. Dear Mr. Swann,

    Please, by all means you may stay at Augusta as long as you like. There is no need to rush to return on account of the Athletic Department of the University of Southern California. As this letter is written, your personal items in your office have been removed and are sitting in front of Heritage Hall. You can pick them up any time.


    Ms. Folt
    President of University of Southern California

    PS: Please stop by my office to pick up your exit paycheck.

    That is all I want to see.

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    1. Land of Troy 13,

      Unless he is so arrogant in thinking that he will not be touched by the new president, that he can do what he wants.


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