USC Morning Buzz: More On An All-American And His Dog

I have to add a bit more about USC offensive lineman Pete Adams, who was an All-American and first-round draft choice of the Cleveland Browns in 1973.

I heard from several former players Monday about what a ferocious blocker and character Adams was at USC.

For me, the stories about the stray dog he adopted were something no one forgot. Imagine rough-and-gruff John McKay allowing a dog at practices and games.
“McKay was superstitious,” a teammate of Adams told me. “He wanted that dog around.”

The cheerleaders even took care of the dog during the Notre Dame game before he made a famous post-game appearance in the black-and-white photo below.

“I think Turd runs with the JV’s because he figures he can beat them in wind sprints,” McKay said. “I have the utmost respect for him.”

Turd was the only dog allowed around the team during the McKay era. The dog even ate steak at the team’s training table. When cafeteria workers objected, assistant coach Marv Goux said Turd was the team mascot and could eat as much as he wanted.

Adams found the dog wandering around on the Row during training camp.

“Everybody can have a beautiful dog, but not everybody can have an ugly dog,” Adams said.


  • That is the 1972 Playboy All-American team in the photo at the top. The other USC player is tight end Charles Young.
  • Yo Hang Cho, a member of the USC Board of Trustees, died in a Los Angeles hospital after a brief illness. He was a USC graduate and became chairman of Korean Airlines. He also built the tallest building in Los Angeles, the Wilshire Grand Center. His three children went to USC.

Now for the other part: He was indicted for embezzlement and tax evasion and two weeks ago, shareholders voted to remove the 70-year-old from the company’s board over a series of scandals surrounding his family.

A daughter was involved in the “nut rage” incident, where she berated a flight attendant when she was served her macadamia nuts in a bag instead of a porcelain bowl as their plane prepared to take off. Heather Cho demanded the plane return to its gate at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport so the flight attendant could be removed.

She served five months of a one-year prison sentence. His other daughter, Emily Cho, was fired after she allegedly insulted an advertising executive and threw water in his face. And his wife was interviewed by police about allegations she abused and assaulted employees.

Image result for yang ho cho max nikias


24 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: More On An All-American And His Dog

      1. You may find it here: Matthew 5:45….that you may be sons of your Father in heaven, He makes his sun ☀️ rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the just and unjust.


    1. This means, if you act up with impunity, you will be dealt with in due time, so why go down that road? ALL CREATION IS SUBJECT TO THIS, no matter our standing.


    1. Fire —Individually and collectively, they are just a family that very much likes to see things done a specified way….


  1. McGhghy Stephan,

    I enjoyed reading scripture that you typed up above. Thank you. Maybe you can give us a line more often. I would like that.


    1. karma! The Board has been carefully selected…..!

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    2. karma —-Update! I just looked up the ad that ran in the L. A. Times when Nikias first took over…..

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  2. I am pretty sure there are more than one turd on last season’s line. In fact if I were to give the offensive linemen a grade I’d call it turd. I think Scott used the dog’s name to describe the team last year. You turd it here first.

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      1. For instance, he ran that story, Including a dog, two straight days. It made me think, struggle, and finally go to the Father in prayer, with no particular side, just angst in my soul…


    1. Steve— the turd factor on the o-line isn’t over. Not by a long shot.


  3. I have never once in business met a foreign national who was either Korean or Chinese who didn’t try to grift, graft or kink the deal somehow along the way. Unfortunately, typical.


  4. Hey Blogger,

    Just a suggestion but give death notices and remembrances their own post. Put all other stuff in separate posts. Not cool to have cool stories about Pete Adams together with all the other USC notes and stories, especially the negative ones. Just some respect for the people that pass on.

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