New Charges For Lori Loughlin

Actress Lori Loughlin and her husband, Mossimo Giannulli, are among 16 parents now facing additional charges of conspiring to commit fraud and money laundering in the college admissions scandal.

The money laundering charge carries a maximum of 20 years in prison. A plea deal could have a minimum sentence of 4-6 years according to TMZ.

  • UCLA finally hired a coach: Mick Cronin of Cincinnati. USC still does not have a basketball coach!

25 thoughts on “New Charges For Lori Loughlin

    1. gt —Is discovery in the Loughlin case going to be Swann’s royal undoing?

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  1. The two worst Athletic Directors in America work in Los Angeles. Who would have guessed? I read 24 million as a contract price. That explains where all our gas tax money goes. It’s spent paying extravagant salaries at our public Universities. I thought they might fix the road with billions they are extorting from cash strapped drivers, but thi has got to take the cake.

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    1. Steve! Steve! Steve! You really think that the State of California or the County of Los Angeles are gonna use tax money (income, property or surcharges) to repair your roads?! They’re only too happy to tell you, “Oh, we wasted or stole that money. You want better bridges or highways? Pass a multi billion Bond Measure.”

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      1. Yup! Those who bought the disingenuous lie about needing the illegal gas tax for safety reasons, should be stripped of their voting privileges. They can turn in their State issued diploma while they’re at it, because they learned nothing in civics or reading at that basketball school.

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      2. We must put up with decaying infrastructure, 3rd World epidemics and ration water and electricity in the coming years to make room for the millions of Undocumented Democrats.

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      3. Welcome to the world of out of control SEIU govt pensions…all demoncrats always make sure the ‘civil servants’ needs are always always met to ensure a fat contribution to their campaign chest and a solid bloc of votes esp. the hard-working (joke) LAFD and also their bunkmates the LACFD. Worse than the police depts. and that is saying something

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      1. Dude my dad used to run the sound recording equipment for the state chancellor meetings. He came home one night after a long day of recording and told us about the wrangling going on over salaries for coaches at the UC system. While private donations are a part of the extra money, the State has to cover anything offered as salaries if those private donors back out.
        As for the gas tax? It was put in place by the legislature without the vote of the people, which is a violation of the state constitution. The state had already burned through the tax money they were receiving and wanted more. The tax is going up again soon.
        Efforts to repeal the illegal tax were thwarted by lies on the ballot making up an issue of public safety. The fact is people don’t read their ballots anymore and shouldn’t be allowed to make choices for those who do. The gas price here today is higher than Hawai’i and we have the refineries that send gas there.
        I learned that in school. Other than Bruin pride what did you major in?

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      2. Money has already been spent,, err stolen by Newsome, Brown, Garcetti, Pelosi, Feinstein, and the rest of the crooks that run the CA. govt either federally or state.

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  2. Just Rent,

    If you came down from your second story cardboard box and come outside, you will see, the destitute (besides you), the streets beaten up, and the crap that they are trying to force down our throat like the trains, busses, and cutting lanes down. The tax was only to be temporary. They have not fixed a thing. So my question is, where is the money going to? They need to rescind the tax and show an accounting of the money. The state has a $22 billion surplus in money. I am tired of carrying all the bums, transgenders, the illegals, and everyone else who has their hand out on my back. Let them pay for what they want. I have to. Yet, I am gutter trash to the govt. except when it comes to paying for all of the yahoos plus more by pay taxes.

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    1. You forgot the $1 trillion Alta Kalifornia pension liability. All monies not going to Undocumented Democrats must go to keep the six figure for life pension pyramid scheme afloat.

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  3. He is 5′ 3″ tall. I have seen a filled beer stein taller than him. He does good inner city work though so that the kids can go to a Catholic School. That is very incredible. I always say that a Catholic Education is the best education. I had one from 3rd grade up to being a senior in high school. I was blessed and very lucky. I am very grateful for that experience. I want to thank all the nuns, lay teachers, and priests that taught me. Thank you and I can never repay you for what you did for me.

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    1. I concur (Catholic education K-12th) Nuns – grammar DMJ and HS – Holy Cross. I currently sub at 2 Cath schools along with a public dist.- taught full-time for a Catholic GS 8 yrs. So. Central close to 105/110 interchange….the Catholic schools were/are literally ‘the Alamo’ compared to the LAUSD alternative and a lot of the charters, not all, were/are even worse.

      Now as to Catholic colleges/universities, with few exceptions, a great place to flat out lose your faith.

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  4. So Far Thug U aka ruinville has spent $60 million on coaches. And they are not getting their monies worth, Good and I am happy. Breakdown:

    Mora $12 mil
    Chocolate Chip Kelly $23 mil
    Midget (Cronin) $24 mil
    Total $60 mil

    How much did they get from Under Armor? $288 mil?

    Keep burinin’ through the money Gueroro

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      1. If anyone is interested in knowing where some of our tax money ends up…

        Salaries & pensions.
        My b-i-law always crying the blues with his $180,000 pension. My fraternity roomie hauling in close to a mil a yr at a UC Med School.

        No end in sight.

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      2. calabasastrojan,

        Thank you for the reminder. Say his buy out is $5 mil. that would make the grand total to being $65 mil for four coaches. That is an average of $16.25 mil per coach. Also, that is 22% spent from the $288 million from Armor All or Under Armor, for four coaches. Danny Boy is spending money like a drunken sailor that is looking for a good time by all the boys next to him.

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  5. CAL 75,

    I know two other CAL people that are conservative. I am glad to see that from you. No wonder you make sense. You think logically and with accountability. Stay around. I enjoy our conversations and insight. Thank you.

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  6. *Memo to ‘tevie: “DUDE”! WTF, are you 13 or 14. Nothing you say ‘tevie is plausible, as it reeks of crayon scribbled, bozo u men’s toilet stall graffiti.

    **Memo to the five retarded Clown u dwarfs – MG, 22, pt, KielbasaToejam, and of course, peanut 86.

    ***Opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance. ~Plato

    What’s the current settlement figure for the Geo. Tynedale M.D. scandal?

    A) 250 million

    B) 300 million

    C) 350 million

    “Clown U, the wannabe eagle that hunts flies”……..Dick Burton.


  7. Tax dollars and private monies are apples and prime rib…
    one is stolen from the fruit stand , the other purchased from a butcher;
    when a public institution cheats the tax payer which he stole the money from(fraud) over and over, shame on the voter…when a private concern mismanages, the tax payer is not robbed, the private concern eats the loss,maybe goes out of business.
    People choose to purchase from private concern ,
    If you can’t see the difference you must be a recently educated individual from a union run factory they call a school.
    No prison time is coming from this for the parents or students,perhaps the instigators…they can waste tax payer money all they want, and they will ,people never learn. Multi millions on fake collusion and multi millions on fake racketeering/money laundering against actresses and children who are adults? This is America?

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