What Will And Will Not Change With JT Daniels

There’s been a lot of talk about changes being made this spring at USC.

Here is what will not change: JT Daniels will get every chance (and more) to start.

Here is what also will not change: His height, arm and athletic ability.

Here is what better change: His ability to take a hit.

That last item is not being tested in spring. It gets tested in games. If Graham Harrell watched films of last season, he knows about it.

Remember all this as we get closer to next season. There is only so much Daniels can improve even if you read some articles saying he made a dramatic improvement. So far in spring, by the way, he has not.


30 thoughts on “What Will And Will Not Change With JT Daniels

  1. J.T. Daniels is Cody Kessler all over again. Nothing will change and he will be blamed for the team going 5-7 this coming season. And, he will be the reason why the team crashes again. There’s nothing spectacular about this kid, and we all saw that last season. All Mater Dei hype. Unfortunately, there’s no one in back up who can replace him.

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      1. True, gt……I think, with a year of college football (and playing behind a Helton-style o-line), J.T. will adjust better to the hits this season…..


  2. Here’s the deal —J. T. is less mobile than Sears or Fink —but he throws a better long ball. With Daniels, USC stretches the field. With either Fink or Sears, USC has a qb who has a fighting chance when protection breaks down. The difference maker is that (even though you’re not supposed to mention this), J. T. is just plain smarter than the competition —-football smarter. He’s a better student of the game —you can see the difference by just watching all 3 the guys being interviewed. J. T. specifies what went right and what went wrong —-the other 2 seem clueless and talk in platitudes. Smarts matter. Listen to the top college quarterbacks talk —-they give you real insights into the game, not memorized coach-speak.

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    1. when did he throw a better ball, short ,mid or long…I never saw it last yr in the games I watched; SC is toast if they go with him over Matt or Jack,unless the track coach makes a sprinter out of him.
      Even Sam had to be elusive to have the 2 decent yrs he had.
      who has time for a long ball unless they call a roll out?


  3. Michael G.,

    J T Daniels might be a player that understands the game better than Finks or Sears, but that does not translate into athletic ability. Just because he is football smart does not mean he is qb material. They are two independent items. Thank you Michael.

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      1. different or better? not the same thing probably
        Max Browne knew the system had a great arm…not a q/b for this team or this ‘O’ line…period


      2. Maybe with a year of experience Daniels improves. We won’t know until the first game. I am waiting to see if Daniels still throws off the back of his foot.


    1. That is a solid point paw-saw-duh-naw very good!….and I guess what you’re saying Mike is that Daniels will, eventually, probably be an excellent analyst or coach but raw talent wise…street moxie…he ain’t got it

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  4. “Hey, I have football smarts too, but I couldn’t play a lick at QB. I was only on the University of Houston team because my dad was the head coach” – Clay “Gomer” Helton

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    1. Calabasas —-Funny reply —but you actually touched on “the problem”. Helton isn’t football “game” smart. He knows football —-but he has no sense of the ebb and flow of a game. He’s proven that repeatedly. Going for it on 4th down with 2 yards to go —just cuz the folks in the stands booed him. Kicking the ball away in games where we’re losing by more than a touchdown with 2 minutes to go. Keeping a center who can’t snap in the game. Etc. Other Pac 12 coaches must be smiling at the fact that Swann is so compromised that he was afraid to make upgrades in our coaching staff.

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  5. How can Scott say Daniels can’t take a hit? Did he see Helton with his little yellow foam pad at show springcase? I’m sure when he isn’t tapping receivers he’s hitting JT with his pad. That should be enough right?


  6. Freshmen historically get better as their 1st season goes on…JT didn’t. In fact, he put up 10 second half points TOTAL in his last 3 starts COMBINED. 7 of those 10 second half points came on what could be construed as a concession, late td to the Irish.


    1. If he improves, fine…fans just want to see Trojan football rolling, again. I like the versatility of Sears. Don’t expect people to sit idly by, if stagnation sets in.


  7. Nonsense.

    First, when JT is standing next to the other QB’s he is an inch or two shorter at most. But he is a thicker kid than the others, looks stronger for sure.

    2nd, he has a significantly better arm than every other QB on the roster. It’s not up for debate, watch them throw.

    Lastly, how would Scott know if he is or is not improving? He doesn’t attend practice.

    His whole post is nonsense. He will be the starter because he is the best QB on the team. Was last year and still is.

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      1. Fred — Guess what? I can guarantee we’re all gonna get a chance to find out in August —cuz he’s gonna start.


      1. Shutout by Cal in the Coliseum in the second half. Toyed with by the Irish in the Coliseum , 7 gimme points in the 4th quarter, second half. Last, but not least, 3 points scored in the second half at UCLA. Who wins like that? This scenario screams, go to the bullpen!!!! Lol. What’s there to lose?

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      2. Jack Sears put up 21 points in the second half in the Coliseum against ASU! Might have been more if Vaughn’s performs on the dropped td pass…p.s. I think that was a second half inexcusable, not sure, but one can get the picture, if you’re not locked in…cost USC the victory!


      3. Helton was overprotected, too…that entire last 3 game debacle came on the heels of a firing. Who’s to blame? Helton or JT or both?


      4. McGhghy —- All good points about J. T.’s last few games at the coli. But here are a few things to, at least, consider. The steam went out of the team in the hard fought Cal game directly after Toa snapped the ball 40 feet in the air, resulting in a Cal TD. J. T. played brilliantly against Notre Dame in the first half but, since it never even occurred to Helton that Notre Dame would take the short game away from us in the second half, J.T. was doomed by USC [remarkably] sticking to a gameplan that had already been figured out. As far as the UCLA game —J.T. picked the wrong game to play his worst football. No excuses on that one.


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