Can Improvements On Defensive Line And Linebacker Override Defensive Backs?

USC looks better in the spring because of the play of freshman defensive end Drake Jackson and sophomore linebacker Palaie Gaoteote.

But will that be enough to compensate for the secondary, where cornerback will be a position a weakness?

This seems to be a key question. Even practice observers I’ve talked to for outside opinions tell me the cornerbacks are a problem.

There will be an influx of freshmen in the fall who are not here now. But an NFL coach told me last week, “Was Deion Sanders good as a freshman? I don’t care who comes in. They will be freshmen.”


22 thoughts on “Can Improvements On Defensive Line And Linebacker Override Defensive Backs?

  1. SCOooter,

    You always have an nfl or college football coach source. SCooter, just a reminder, your teddy bears and socks are not football sources. I just hope you don’t talk to them.

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    1. I’m in 50% concurrence, pt. Based on personal experience, I say it’s ok to talk to a teddy bear….


  2. What does it matter if USC scores 0 points in the second half against Cal, 7 points in the second half against Notre Dame and 3 points in the second half against UCLA….


      1. McGhghy —-I’ll bite. I think Jack has potential, too. (But) Do we get to pull him if he “develops on the field in front of all of us” into something misbegotten….?
        #….At WhatPointDoWeGetToCutOurLosses….


  3. I used this on another blog under my original pseudonym (because they didn’t lose my credentials) But nobody reacted. So if you think I’m copying someone else it’s only me with a different name.
    Does anybody else think that the new basketball coach at Ucla looks like the actor who kept saying, “inconceivable” in the movie Princess Bride? Has anyone see the two of them together? After watching tape of the new coach I’m sure they are one and the same.

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    1. Ha! Very Funny! The guy you’re referring to is Wallace Shawn. He’s best known for a role in Scenes of the Class Struggle in Beverly Hills in which —-after he gets his feelings hurt —he goes out on his girlfriend’s front lawn and tries to kill himself. Woody Allen describes him as ” a little homunculus” in the movie Manhattan……


  4. Dan Weber seems to think that improved line and linebacker play can make up for sub par defensive back play. I tend to think we’re gonna get killed if we can’t develop a way better rotation of defensive backs than we have as of now —although Dominic Davis has been a real nice surprise (I forgot that he runs a 4.4 40 —he can cover anybody in the Pac 12).


  5. MG,
    You better round up the troops & start praying for your Oline. From what I’ve seen….


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  6. You’re right about the o-line. It is the weakest unit on the 2019 USC football team….by far.


      1. I’d like to see our receivers AND our defensive backs spend time with this. “let’s rock n roll!”


    1. Wrong you are, they will be better with new offensive scheme and a
      real center snapping the ball. Thin in depth for sure. Secondary is the
      weak link in the armor especially at corner-back.


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