USC Afternoon Notes: Update On Velus Jones/Tee Martin

Wide receiver Velus Jones, who may or may not be transferring, will be at Tennessee’s spring scrimmage Saturday. I wonder if Tee Martin will try to convince Jones to transfer there!

Speaking of Martin, he addressed getting fired from USC yesterday at his only press conference for the spring.

“It was kind of a perfect storm last year, if you will. It was just a young team, had lost your top offensive players at every position, whether it was wide receiver, losing your quarterback, your top tight end. And it was what it was. We didn’t perform the way that you need to perform at a place like that. So you get canned, but every coach in this business, at some point, you’re going to get fired. For me, it was a lesson for me to learn about planning for your future and doing the best that you can do at job that you’re currently at.

“You can’t take a job worried about losing your job, and you can’t think about the last job when you take the next job. It was my first opportunity going through that. And it was positive to leave a place that was really good. I have no bad words to say about where I came from, but then you get blessed up and come to Tennessee. It was a blessing for me.”

  • I hear a new office is prepared for former USC president Max Nikias with an intercom/camera outside door and a 24/7 security camera in the ceiling. No unwelcome visitors!

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4 thoughts on “USC Afternoon Notes: Update On Velus Jones/Tee Martin

  1. Tee Martin was an enigma. How he skated so long without being fired is mind boggling. I don’t expect this luck to continue. Once they figure out his offensive acumen is less than he claims, he’ll be bounced like a Toa Lowbouncedawn snap from center.
    Wish him luck as a high school coach of the near future.


    1. Folks gave Tee alot of leeway because they thought “recruiting prowess” was more important than “coaching acumen.”

      That don’t mean much but too many people bought into that line of thinking.

      Personally, I think CFB recuruiting is the most worthless pseudo – spectator sport ever contrived. Just a waste of time to follow or invest any amount of your life in. A “sport” made up for the geeks who still live in their mother’s basement.

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    1. I agree that too bad it wasn’t Helton.

      But I would see his statement being something like, “Wow, it was awesome. I mean, my wife, my agent, and I still can’t believe they’d give a guy like me a job like that and that they’d be so crazy enough to pay me so much money for so long. I felt like I was robbing the place, actually, because it was so obvious I had no idea what I was doing. (Laugh) Did you see that Gumbo offense? What a mess! (Laugh) We were just making it up as we went along knowing it would never work. But they just kept paying me. When they fired me, that was the icing on the cake for my retirement fund- and then some! Thanks for the money, you idiots! (Hysterical laugh)”


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