Don’t Compare Magic Johnson To Lynn Swann

When Magic Johnson stepped down as Lakers president of basketball operations, people started saying he was like Lynn Swann because neither was fully committed to the job.

Maybe that aspect is true. But they are different in many other ways.

  • My experiences with Johnson were friendly and I saw him act cordial with the media on many occasions.
  • I’ve seen Johnson sign autographs for free.
  • Johnson was liked by his teammates.
  • Johnson is not an elitist.
  • Johnson doesn’t spend most of his time on the golf course.
  • Johnson doesn’t lecture Lakers fans with statements. He actually speaks like a human being.



15 thoughts on “Don’t Compare Magic Johnson To Lynn Swann

  1. Scott, you forgot to include that Magic actually had the dignity to step down when he realized he wasn’t 100% committed to his employer, whereas Swann isn’t stepping down voluntarily and is actually going to need security to pry him loose from his Heritage Hall office

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  2. Johnson ripped Luke Walton for 7 minutes 3 weeks into the season. Johnson decided to negotiate a trade – in public – offering the entire new corps of players – to New Orleans rather than holding back such as any average negotiator would. He acted like a fool at a poker table and was read immediately by (then) Pelicans GM Danny Ferry.

    Johnson’s sole gift is holding giant scissors at ‘openings’….a perennial MOC always ready to greet anyone and everyone but ‘work’? Are you kidding? I think when ‘Earvin’ realized Jeannie wasn’t going to fire Walton, as Earvin’s spoiled brat player James demanded, is when ‘Earvin’ suddenly realized he wasn’t ‘in control’.

    Reminds one a lot of his stint as coach back in 1994 – 16 game total 5 – 11 “I’m out of here…this is work. Not me!” Pelinka was heard to ‘ask’ loudly day after day ‘Where’s Magic?’ in a rhetorical mocking tone. Why Earvin was doing what he does best ….meeting folk – famous ones and grinning.

    Swann is our problem just as Johnson’s was the Lakers – results are the same – a mess except we still have Swann.

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  3. With the Master’s starting tomorrow, does anyone want to wager that Scottie won’t show at least one photo of Swann in his green Augusta jacket, as he fulfills his responsibilities in the hospitality tent?

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      1. From the looks of Nikias’ new digs, skeptical with cause….this is a time to pray and ask devine interventions…who will agree with me?


      2. You may find it here: Zachariah 4:6 Then he answered and spake unto me, saying, this is the word of the Lord unto Zerubbabel, saying, Not by might, not by power, but by my spirit, saith the LORD of hosts.

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      3. It is the height of arrogance to permit Nikias to reside anywhere on the campus just as there has never been any public accounting of what Nikias failed to do regardless of the fragmented ‘structure’ of the university’s ‘oversight’.

        Medical facilities scandal – Tyndall, Porfiato, Varma,
        Admission scandal Heinel, Vavic

        There is also the continuing indifference to what Haden did to the Mayr Foundation.


  4. Rusoviet,

    let the Mad Greek room with Just Rent. Just Rent has a two story cardboard box on Rosecrans at Five Points in Norwalk. Plenty of room there.

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    1. ‘Five Points’? I say sir that’s just so. of the 60 and west of the 605 just east of El Monte….I believe you’re referring to that ‘erector set’ sign with the 4 sides on Pioneer just no. of Rosecrans — it ‘does’ yea verily have ‘5’ ‘streets’ there – San Antonio as I recall.

      I share your sentiment….it must be so frustrating to ‘claim’ a lineage from a state-funded university, one never was admitted to, while full of such bile towards its’ rival….this poor miscreant’s loyalty towards the peckerwood is akin to that of some moron that bought the line of ‘EST’ or ‘Hale-Bopp’ comet.

      Let’s channel the ‘peckerwood’….”Oh peckerwood we come before thee this day …. thou art what we adore and know there shalt not ever again be such as you, your highness most high….almost forgot Sam Gilbert still waiting for his ‘cut’.


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