Spin Swann

How much does it hurt Lynn Swann to miss the maybe the biggest Masters of his lifetime?

This is the result of peer pressure. He had to stay home because he has been criticized for playing too much golf, going to autograph shows and missing USC events.

Do you disagree? Look at the tweet below. USC straining to show he is at a men’s volleyball game. When you have to tweet the athletic director is at the game, it is because he doesn’t go to enough games. The spin dept. is working overtime.


12 thoughts on “Spin Swann

    1. Pudly —Guess what?! That was ME that bet the $85k (uh, if a different name appears in the story it’s cuz I was using an assumed name —-I always do this, uh, on first bets)…..

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    2. Pudly —This just in! Tiger’s ex-wife said she’s willing to give it another go!
      Two great things on one day! Ironic, huh?


  1. Awful lot of truth to your post-Scott Wolf. Hopefully that stunt he pulled two weeks ago – his autograph signing gig in VA – is moving someone-anyone to throw this clown out on his ear….

    You know bel-air tech maybe looking for a new: chancellor, track and field coach, athletic director, senior associate athletic director, ombudsmen, …. maybe Swann can take his ‘mojo’ over there…doesn’t seem they’re too concerned about any kind of ‘work ethic’ but he’ll be better served if he can hustle some money to their rigged admittance Title IX scam programs

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    1. Alv — I heard that UCLA is firing all their instructors, too. Too many of them were walking into walls and/or hearing voices coming from the inverted fountain (which wasn’t MEANT to be inverted by the way, it just kinda turned out that way and nobody noticed until about 3 years later). There’s talk of tearing the graduate, undergraduate and law libraries down as well —on account of no one ever using them….

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      1. Yeah, Mike but you know that ‘Lenin’s Tomb’ bungalow that has an ‘actual’ replication of the peckerwood’s ‘study’ must be guarded against any attempt to ‘look’ too closely.

        There they were in westwood all set to gloat and now the focus is on them – their entire ‘raison d’etre’ – Title IX…..if only ‘jonnie’ were still here to go ‘tut tut why my goodness gracious …. I never! Opps there’s my children fighting over my estate again – gotta go!’

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  2. They should have fired that clown months ago for job abandonment . The new president must not be that bright either, because she can’t see through Lynn Swann’s shenanigans, because it’s very obvious, and blatant. Swann is Athletic Director, because it’s probably the easiest 2 million dollars he’s ever made annually

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  3. What’s to miss ?
    It was on TV and I’m sure Swann has the internet on his phone. He was probably was listening with Bluetooth and watching on the floor by his feet. It’s why he jumped to his feet and yelled “Yes” during the Star Spangled Banner.

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