My USC Quarterback Rankings

OK, with spring practice over it’s time to rank the quarterbacks. This is my ranking and not who I think will start since I tend to disagree with Clay Helton on most things.

I’m using the old Euro scale of 1-4 with 4 being best:

Jack Sears €€€

When the real bullets are flying overhead, no one is better

JT Daniels €€1/2

None of his supporters can tell me why he didn’t look noticeably better in spring even though many said he would with a year’s experience.

Kedon Slovis €€

The fact he got so much praise in spring doesn’t say much about the competition.

Matt Fink €€

There is something to be said for a guy who competes and doesn’t threaten to transfer if he doesn’t play.


  • Lori Loughlin and her husband, Mossimo Giannulli, plead not guilty in college admissions scandal today.
  • The Los Angeles Times won a Pulitzer today for reporting on a USC gynecologist who was accused of violating young women for nearly 30 years.

27 thoughts on “My USC Quarterback Rankings

      1. I like Sean —but in a fight, I’ll take Nino Benvenuti (& they’re about the same age —-maybe you can work out the details).


    1. Since there are an average of 1.5 shootings a day in and around southern Cal campus. I’d say Sears makes for a perfect QB for the trOJans!



      1. After Senator Pat Geary’s ‘big adventure’ at his local whorehouse, Michael kinda didn’t have many legal problems to worry about…..


      2. Don’t be upset Trojan Nation, i’m in the same boat. It’s why I know. Just be introspective, heck, Google it, if you have to. Questions about what God thinks, ask Google for Bible verses on it. Then, get your King James version out, and verify….if you need help in your prayer life, turn on CNN……inspirational…..either way… once you start rolling, all kinds of original thoughts will follow, as He moves in your life….I do these things. How do you think the Trumpster survives all his missteps? No one does anything all by themselves. Not even Scott.


      3. Like this: Hey Google! Give me Bible verses on How many people does God want to see parish? Then, take all the verses that pop up, get a Bible, and read ALL to gain perspective, even the verses that surround that particular scripture. The answer to this particular question is Zero.


      1. Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris is burning today. Built in 1165-1345, it lasted thru many wars and other upheaval only to be burnt by modern reconstruction crews.


  1. Here MG I’ll help,
    The yellow jackets are burning down France. One symbol at a time.
    More gun control needed. Oops, they have that. Knives, matches, bleach, acid, truck control needed then.
    French Police won’t enter ‘No Go’ zones.
    Stick a fork in France. It’s done.

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      1. MG,
        I’m Catholic.
        I’m German/Italian. I don’t even like frogs. But..
        This is Holy Week. 10 Catholic churches have been attacked in France this last week. It was undergoing ‘restoration’.


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      2. Howdy Cal75 (I’ve been away on short vacation)……


  2. Just what we need… rankings on a position that scottie swordsman knows nothing about, on players he’s never seen live in person during spring ball, because he’s not allowed to watch practice…
    Classic wolf…negative opinions simply for the sake of being catty….

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  3. J.T. Daniels is a bust. Highly overrated 5 star recruit. When Daniels was at Mater Dei he had a team that would have made any better than average high school QB look, well…like 5 star. Daniels rarely faced pressure, his Mater Dei offensive line was as big as USC’s and they were definitely coached better.

    If the Trojans actually want to win games and not just play favorites with players who were projected to be “The Next Big Thing” then they should go with Jack Sears. Sears is the blue collar Trojan QB with the talent to lead the Trojans, he is the dual threat QB the Trojans need in there to really open up the offense.


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