A Moment To Remember From Last Scrimmage

USC’s final Saturday scrimmage had this heartwarming image: Athletic director Lynn Swann driving a golf cart and parking it in the end zone, away from the fans.

“He didn’t have to sign autographs if he was in a golf cart,” a practice observer said.


9 thoughts on “A Moment To Remember From Last Scrimmage

  1. I thought there was a social media campaign going on to show his involvement on campus and they let this opportunity slip away?? Remember scottie? Spin Swann.

    Nice choice on qbs scottie, really cooled us with that pick earlier…who’d have thought with all the time you spent on campus this spring watching practice you’d pick Sears.


  2. The idea that an individual’s signature has any kind of value (other than on a legal document) has always been absurd. Seeking someone’s signature may be one of the stranger pursuits in our society. What does it actually represent? And how does it equate to any value? It’s not as if there is a currency equivalent. The signatures of Charlemagne and Lorenzo de Medici would be noteworthy but almost entirely from an archaeological perspective. But from a modern day athlete? Not so much.

    When I was a youngster (10 years old?) Bud Harrelson of the NY Mets asked me if I wanted him to autograph my baseball. I thought that was a strange offer so I told him no. He stared at me and I just stared back at him. He just laughed and shrugged his shoulders. I don’t think my life or his is any different because of it.

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    1. Well, that’s one perspective then there are the other i.e. individuals who collect such and sell them as well. If there was no real value in such no one would collect them and, in time, no one else would deem them of any value….truth is people do – collect and others- purchase them.


  3. You can tick off big donors for only so long …. Swann’s best hope is that Helton/Harrell produces a 10 – 2 record (road losses to WA and ‘the princess’) to deflect the ‘hoi polloi’ from joining the patricians, regardless of USC’s record, demanding his sacking. I doubt USC wins 10 games. The patricians want him gone along with Helton.

    ‘If’ USC does produce a great record then what?

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      1. What an unremarkable, drab, uninviting Naples dump Heinel’s home is. It’s doesn’t look anything like a $2 million home. The home SUCCX because its concrete scape will hold a ton of hot, unwanted, uncomfortable, summer heat. You also have to wonder how many times Heinel has replaced stolen patio furniture.

        #SUCC la dolce vita…..LOL


      2. Great find Pud! That’s a full year, as far as the authorities know today, after Singer’s scam was up and running….good night she sure knew how to ‘moonlight’ …. a $2 million manse on her salary?

        She’s full of greed which is going to make it harder for her to allege she paid others

        Now to the other juicy morsel that is turning into a T-bone – bel-air tech’s entire athletic department going back (how many years?) to 2002? More? Heads will roll and sanctions a coming for Title IX female titles and their coaches.

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