Coliseum Naming Rights Update

L.A. County Supervisor Janice Hahn said today she still believes it is possible to name the field but not the Coliseum as she still opposes the “United Airlines Memorial Coliseum” naming rights.

“I’m hopeful that a compromise can be reached,” Hahn said. “I also know that there is talk of other possible corporate sponsors expressing an interest.”

United has already said it would prefer to pull out of the $69 million deal if it does not get its name on the Coliseum.


7 thoughts on “Coliseum Naming Rights Update

  1. Never cared for Hahn but like to see her sentiment happen. This is the last ‘in situ’ original shell historic stadium left in the entire nation designed for the 10th Olympiad and has a history unique in American sports and national events.

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    1. You conservative bastard of course you would not like anyone for the downtrodden. The Hahn family did a lot of good for the city of Angels
      over a lot of years not like yourself whose post are asinine in any form.


      1. Oh please Stevie, if the Hahn clan are your heroes….embrace, embrace my props (amazing isn’t it Stevie) for her but hey you know the Donald’s inauguration is over 2+ years and here you are still foaming like some, never been on a date in her life, coed.

        BTW is this you?

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    1. Embrace the Weiner. You mean like the convicted felon Anthony? Husband of Huma who sucked Hillary’s tit for years. It’s over Owns, you LOST. Go get your “Feel the Bern” sign and join your socialist friends in the street. Maybe you can organize a get together at Cerritos.

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  2. What’s in a name? Would the rose bowl smell sweeter if it were filled with fertilizer on Saturdays in the fall? Oh wait it is….never mind.
    When you strip the sentiment from the equation the Coliseum has been a crumbling building for years. If USC closed its football program tomorrow, the facility would have a tenant for one more year before the tenant moved to a state of the art facility. USC was given free reins to do what they needed to revive the cement oval and they did. Like it or not the city and county gave up their right to complain and walked away. This flap over a name is purely political or it would have come up when the deal was struck.
    It’s time to move forward and call it a day.

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