USC Morning Buzz: Clay Helton Eats His Own Words

Last month I made fun of the following Clay Helton quote regarding the hiring of a recruiting director to replace Eric Ziskin.

“It’s such a big hire. It’s like having an OC, a DC, a special teams coordinator. Strength and conditioning. This is a big hire,” Helton said.

So what did Helton do? He hired Spencer Harris of Fresno State to be USC’s new recruiting director. Harris was the director of player personnel at Fresno State and before that went to school at Washington.

Now I don’t really think it’s a big deal who is the USC recruiting director unlike so many fan pundits, who obsess over these things. I have consistently said that.

But just like with the strength coach job, Helton acts like he is going to do some national search and then just makes a normal hire. He says the hiring of a recruiting director is like hiring an offensive coordinator and goes to Fresno State?

Helton is always good for a laugh if nothing else. And I wonder if anyone warned Harris that there’s been discontent in the recruiting dept. over Helton showing favoritism, just like at some positions last season.


10 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Clay Helton Eats His Own Words

  1. New day. Same old tripe from the miserable little troll.

    “Helton is always good for a laugh if nothing else”

    Even if that’s true, it makes Helton infinitely more useful than your sorry ass Scotty. Go start a UCLA blog. Real Trojan fans want nothing to do with you. The tagline for this “blog” should be “Zero insight, 100% Negativity.”

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    1. A real fan wants the team to improve and not live in a bubble. This guy says it as it is and he is usually right. Go hug your pillow and keep wishing upon a star

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    2. You “Real Trojan” fans looked the other way while the school went down the drain the last decade. We need to hear the unvarnished truth from real journalists like Scott Wolf, not more Jim Tessalone style We Are SC propaganda news releases.

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  2. No matter what Scooter says, this is a good hire. Go read his bio. He’s worked under really good people, and did a good job at Fresno. He has California connections, knows the coaches and the schools. He is young and understands what young kids want in a program.

    Smart hire.

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  3. Clay Helton is dumb and USC definitely needs direction. Real Trojan fans have acknowledged that reality and called for change. BUT, none of that has anything to do with the fact that Wolf is a spineless troll with no real insight who cites unnamed sources for bullshit “opinions” and puts a negative spin on literally every blog post published on this site.

    Anyone can sit back and talk ish about the current state of our program. That much is obvious. What isn’t obvious is what does this writer bring to the table? What was the last scoop he identified? When was the last time he gave insightful analysis on any issue? Calling Wolf a journalist is an insult to the profession. He’s a (barely) paid troll masquerading as an “insider.”

    SC’s program is a disaster. Having a hairy little troll constantly fomenting negativity doesn’t help it.

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  4. Clay Helton made a fine choice. Going after “some national guy” makes no sense. Fresno State recruits heavily in Southern California and they grab some good players. The local talent is very important as well as the national players. This guy has more than Fresno State in his resume.
    Maybe we should wish him luck instead of crying about his hire.


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